Staying Connected…in the Kitchen

Technology plays a pretty heavy role in our lives. This is nothing new. I spend the majority of my day on a phone or computer and I’m not going to l lie, I never would have thought I’d be asking for more screen time…but since we got the Family Hub refrigerator, I can’t seem to get enough.

I’ve talked a little about our new Samsung appliances here and here but haven’t gone into much detail on just how cool our new refrigerator is. Spoiler: it’s not your momma’s ice box.

Aside from the sleek design, the Family Hub gives us the unique opportunity to connect on an entire new level. That’s something I never thought I’d be saying about my fridge! It’s the main hub and center of the household for B and I and totally comes in clutch on more than one account.

The thing I think I love most is the photo connectivity. You can upload galleries of photos to the Family Hub and display them everywhere from the screensaver to gallery widgets on your home screen. It’s super easy to upload new photos and B and I love seeing our friends and family on a daily basis. It’s like the modern day version of pinning pictures to the side of your fridge with magnets.

The Family Hub easily integrates to your phone via the Family Hub app – which is probably my second favorite feature. You can view what’s inside your fridge from your phone. I think this is Brandon’s favorite so he can see what snacks we have from his man cave. I like that I can use this when I’m at the grocery store!

You can also connect your Family Hub to your home’s wifi and do everything from browse the internet to use one of the many apps available off of your home screen. We love the fact that we can order groceries from the Instacart app or order a car form the uber app – all from our refrigerator. You can also connect your Spotify or Pandora accounts and play your favorite music straight from the refrigerator. Yes, the Family Hub has speakers – and they are awesome. Fun fact: I have mini dance parties while meal prepping for the week. It’s my new favorite ritual.

To say we love how much more connected and in sync we are solely because of the Family Hub, well it would be an understatement. It’s crazy the things you get excited about as an adult but as we get closer to holiday season and hosting folks over in our new place, I can’t wait to use some of the cool features to stay connected and amplify our dinner parties. Next step: make the world’s best dinner party playlist!

This post was written in collaboration with Samsung. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Photos by Shelby Gordon.