Mama I Made It…In a Book

Holy crap guys. I’m in a book.

I still can’t believe it and, honestly, I can’t get over it. So apologies in advance if I can’t stop walking about it for a while. A long long long while.

If you’re not super familiar with and rewardStyle, it’s a platform that influencers use to monetize their content and share shoppable details for everything from daily outfits to home decor to travel and more.

Pro Tip:  You can download and follow me on the app to shop my Instagram posts. Just search for and follow my profile @Laurenelyce.

RewardStyle recently launched’s Influencer Coffee Table Book: Stories from the Influencer Next Door. The book goes behind the “screen” with over 100 of the world’s top global influencers sharing how they started their entrepreneurial businesses and achieved their path to influence. The book has something for everyone–the entrepreneur, the fashionista, the foodie, the stay-at-home mom, the beauty buff, the interior design guru, and so much more–encouraging readers to find their people and their influence.

And guess what friends, I’m in there! Answering questions like how I got my start, my biggest piece of advice for creatives and more. Honestly, I’ve never felt more proud to be in this business. The book features such a diverse group of kickass folks and whether you’re an aspiring blogger or just looking for a little extra inspiration, I highly suggest ordering the book and getting to know some of the men and women featured.

Get the book here.

I could go on and on about the book and how excited I am but, truthfully, I’m even more excited to be in such awesome company. I mean, I was totally fangirling over a few of the women in the book. I’ve followed them for years and I feel pretty freaking special for being a part of this selection. Even more so, I loved seeing some of my favorite blogger babes in the book – love getting to celebrate this with friends I’ve met in the industry. And guess what, you should totally get to know them too!


As always, thank you for supporting my little corner of the web! Whether you’re planning to purchase the book, already have it, know someone in it or think it might be a good gift for a bestie, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!



  1. 9.27.18
    Tabitha said:

    Congrats!! I’m so excited to see you in this book! You deserve it! I need to read that book for myself. Also, I love Kathleen Barnes stuff and style! She’s so cute!


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