Virtual Hangout Ideas

Honestly. Can’t believe I’m writing this post. I had every hope that by today, we’d all be able to be out sitting on someone’s patio sipping on margaritas and eating our weight in queso. But, we’re not there yet and that’s okay.

I don’t know about y’all but we are really missing our friends and fam. Especially now that we have something really fun to plan and look forward to. We miss the homies. B and I have been brainstorming a few ways to practice social distancing while still getting that “hangout” feel because although we can’t give big hugs in person, we at least get to stay connected virtually!

Next time you and the gang are looking for a way to “hang out” without leaving the house, give one of these a try. All you need is a computer or phone and a great video conferencing platform like Zoom or Facetime. Let’s party!

Game night: pick a game that you all have and get to playing! You could do something like Monopoly or even Spades. Setup the game in front of your screen and take turns playing the game as you would if you were in person.

Cooking class: take turns teaching each other how to prepare your favorite meal! Each week, have someone from your group pick the menu and ingredients list. Each person would shop/gather their ingredients and then you’d all join together to cook while the one friend gives a demonstration. Sip wine or your favorite cocktail while you cook and make it fun.

Charades: I mean – this has the potential to be a hilarious night. Pick teams and get your improv on. Make sure you use something like Zoom so everyone can see all of the screens.

Dinner party: we did this with Brandon’s family and it was so much fun. Pick a night of the week that works for everyone’s schedule and select a meal that is easy for everyone to make. Come to the Zoom call with your meal ready and just catch up over dinner!

Truth or dare: um – this is a fun one! Take turns going around the group and choose a truth & dare. Get creative. Honestly, I feel like the dares can get really fun with this one!