At-Home Date Night Ideas

I saw a funny meme the other day on the ‘gram about how everyone is gonna be single after COVID-19 – honestly, it’s hard being at home around someone 24/7 for weeks on end. I don’t care who you are or how amazing your relationship is, people need space to live and be outside of each other. Not saying I don’t love Brandon. I’m actually pretty surprised at how well we’re doing lol But let’s face it, I think we’re all going a little stir crazy right now with our significant others.

One of the things that is probably helping us is that we’re still trying to have date nights every week (or every other week). Although we can’t really go anywhere and it means we’ll still be at home – with each other – I think having something to do other than working or working out or sitting on the couch watching new Netflix shows is actually keeping the spark alive a bit!

These are a few super easy date night ideas you can rock out at home – let me know in the comments if you have more ideas! We need something for this weekend 🙂

Easy At-Home Date Night Ideas

Movie Night

I’m not talking about sitting on the couch in the same spot you sat all day while you worked from the living room and popping on the latest Netflix movie. Make it a true movie-going experience!

What you need:

Lounge style seating if you have it: We set up our chairs in the living room with ottomans so we can kick back movie-theater style. If you don’t have other chairs, set up a cozy blanket and pillow fort on the floor and get comfy with your SO.

Movie snacks: We pop popcorn and have candy/sweets laid out on the coffee table like a snack bar at the theater. We make adult beverages because it’s after 6pm and 21+ obviously.

Set the mood: Put your phones on silent just like you would do at the movies and treat it like a real date!

Extras: You can even go as far as to making fun movie tickets on Canva or printing out movie posters. Make it fun!

Themed Dinner Date

We might do this on Friday! Brandon and I were supposed to be in Jamaica on my birthday – he was going to propose there. But, as you know, we canceled that trip from the airport. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to do a Jamaican themed feast to honor that trip we were supposed to take.

What you need:

A menu: Figure out what theme you want to go with. Italian, Asian, Mexican, Jamaican, etc. Plan out what you’re going to cook/order in and print out a fun menu for the two of you.

Set the table: Nope we’re not eating on the couch, my friends. Set up the dining room/kitchen table restaurant style. Complete with plates, napkins, silverware, water glasses – the whole nine.

Serve cocktails: Make cocktails that match your theme. For our Jamaicaiin theme, I am planning to do some sort of Rum punch. When we did a Mexican food theme, we made margaritas!

Set the tone: Get dressed up – or at least change out of the sweatpants. Put on a cute dress or jeans + a top. Maybe add a swipe of lipstick or wear your favorite heels. Just have fun with it!

Club Night

I mean. Every couple needs a “night out” right now. So, we’re going to da club.

Yeah, that felt lame as I typed it out…anyways!

What you need:

A DJ: there are a ton of DJ’s and artists dong LIVE performances on IG right now. Either plan to tune into your favorite account OR be your own DJ. Find a party playlist on Apple Music or Spotify and set it up on your computer/phone/speaker situation so you can dance to some good music.

Set the party vibe: Turn the lights off and create some club-esque lighting. Maybe you have an old disco ball or maybe you just gotta use your Christmas lights. Move the furniture around to make it lounge style. Create a fun setting that feels like you’re out at a nightclub/lounge.

Dress the part: Put on your best booty hugging dress and let your guy wear that fedora he’s been dying to brick back out. Dress up and just enjoy the ritual of “getting ready”.

Serve drinks: I mean, I always love to pretend I’m a bottle girl. Grab a bottle of champagne or your favorite alcohol and create a whole VIP section setup. Have some mixers and ice on deck and just. have fun!

Actually dance: You are at a club. You might feel silly but try to have fun and just pretend you’re at a club with your sexy boo. We have to get creative here, ladies.