At-Home Cardio Ideas

I want to preface today’s post with this.

Listen up, ladies. If you want to spend this time at home relaxing, starting a new paint project or binge-watching the latest Netflix reality show – DO IT. There’s this weird stigma going around that we should all be super productive right now. For me, I thrive on productivity. I have set some personal goals for myself and keeping busy is helping me stay on track. But not everyone works that way. It’s totally OK to take a few weeks off for yourself or your family. Listen to your body and mind. If you need a break, take a break. And if you want to move your body or work towards fitness goals, keep scrolling.

Okay, Lauren, I’m ready to move my body. What are my options for cardio at home?

I got you, boo. Most of us lost access to traditional cardio machines when we lost gym access. Honestly, at first, I freaked out a little bit. I have a personal goal to trim some body fat and cardio can be a great tool for that. But guess what – it isn’t our ONLY tool. I started getting more creative with my cardio and when paired with my strength training and a balanced diet, I’ve made some serious progress over the past few weeks. All at home.

Whether your goals are tied to fat loss like mine or you’re just wanting to increase endurance, move that bangin’ body of yours or get away from your kids/husband – cardio can be done at home. And it can fun and effective. I promise.

Lauren Elyce Fit: I mean, you knew I was going to plug my services at some point 🙂 I would love to work with you! If you’re looking for something truly customized to you and your goals, my one-on-one coaching is a great option. For $100 you get 8 weeks of a customized training plan that includes strength training and cardio workouts developed around the equipment you do or don’t have access to. You also receive customized nutrition guidelines and tailored macros/calories, 24/7 support, weekly check-ins and app access!

And if you’re looking for something a little more cost-effective and workouts you can do on your own, my new 4 week challenge is only $10.99 and includes a great mix of strength and cardio/HIIT workouts to help you reach your goals!

These are a few fun HIIT/cardio style workouts from my fitness IG @laurenelycefit!

Take it outside: go for a run or jog. Take a daily walk. Aim for 10k steps each day. Get creative! Create mini cardio style circuits with sprints, jumps, side steps and more!

The Sculpt Society: if you love to dance and just want to let loose, Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society is going to be your jam. For $19/month, her dance cardio workouts are literally my favorite. They come with a toning section which is also KILLER and on top of the dance cardio options, she also offers other strength and toning classes!

obé fitness: For $27/month, this might be your most versatile option. With classes for everyone and only 28 minutes, you have endless options. The cardio dance workouts and boxing workouts are hands down my favorite. They’re full of high energy and give you a serious burn which is great for increasing endurance while also working those muscles.

Popsugar Fitness on YouTube: can you say $FREE.99?? Yes, all of Popsugar Fitness’ youtube workouts are FREE. This is a great budget-friendly option and they have tons of great dance cardio and HIIT style workouts that will boost your cardio efforts for sure.