Trousers at the Arc de Triomphe

I have seriously been counting down the days to today’s post. I even gave you guys a little peek on IG. If you keep up with stories, you probably saw just how obsessed I was with Katie – the photographer we worked with in Paris. I mean, obsessed is an understatement. You could also say I am pretty obsessed (okay I need to learn new words) with these culottes. I live for a good pair of wide leg trousers so I knew as soon as I scooped these up that they were coming to Paris with me. I also knew that as soon as I booked my flight that I wanted to take lots of pics in front of the Arc de Triomphe. I don’t know what it is exactly but I think this is by far one of my favorite sites in the city. 


Now where do I start?

When it comes to Paris, I think one would say that I fell in love fast. This should literally come as no surprise. Wine. Cheese. Bread. People. Sweets. Architecture. Design. Fashion. More Bread. Pommes Frites. I could probably sit here and list out #allthethings for hours. So when I got to Paris (my first trip to Europe!) I fell in love hard and seriously considered extending my trip. 

As pumped as I was to see the Eiffel Tower, The Mona Lisa, Versaille, etc., I have to admit that the Arc de Triomphe was by far one of my favorites. Our airbnb was just a few blocks from the monument (and the world’s most ridiculous traffic circle) so we passed by almost every time we left the apartment. I kid you not, it was amazing every single time I laid my eyes on it. There were TONS of tourists obviously but seeing the Arc at night or at sunrise or just in the quiet of morning…I couldn’t help but love it. 

I had of course seen pics all over IG as I was scouring for inspiration before the trip so I knew I wanted to snap some pics with Katie. Not only did we work hard to get the perfect dream shot (yayyyy Katie!) but in true blogger fashion, we stood in the middle of traffic and almost died like one thousand times. So worth it. 

This look also just so happens to be totally inspired by the street style in Paris. I mean, would 100% wear this back home in Atlanta but I loved seeing all of the women in easy, breezy looks. Whether it was a pair of wide leg trousers and a tee or a flowy dress with boots and a trench coat. They all just looked so chic and cool and I couldn’t believe that was actually a thing. I obviously had to try my hardest to create a “cool” vibe and thought culottes and this wrap top (ballerina inspired?) was the perfect combo. 



Photos by Katie Donnelly Photography