A Summer Fitness Check-in

Man. Where do I even start. I’m not going to lie to you. I have not been feeling the most body confident lately. Not only am I in the worst shape I’ve ever been in physically but I just feel out of shape in general. Like, I’m 28 and get out of breath running up stairs. Not okay. But guess what – I’m not letting that keep me down, make me depressed, etc….I’m making a change (or a few actually!). Read on for the five things  I’m doing to get my ass in gear this summer! 

I Got a Trainer 

Let’s face it. I have basically zero motivation to get myself to a gym. I’ve been working out twice a week for the past three weeks with a good friend of mine (which by the way won’t be my friend for much longer – he’s totally kicking my ass). He’s a personal trainer and currently pursuing a few different certifications in fitness and nutrition so what better way to get on a real workout schedule #amiright. So far, it’s going really good (I think). I already feel a little stronger and the accountability factor is huge. I don’t find myself slacking off like I would if I was working out by myself. 

I Also Got Classpass

Again. No self motivation to get to a gym. I love love love getting to try new gyms and classes around town. Spin and pilates have become my absolute favorite workouts. Like I’m low key obsessed. I also love that it gives you the option to vary things up a bit. By the way, this is not written in partnership with them. I pay the $100/month (blah) for 10 classes per cycle. I wish it was unlimited and I wish I could go to the same studio more than 3 times but it’s definitely worth it for me. I liveeee for a group class! (if you want to try it, use my code for $40 off your first month) 

I’m Doing Whole30(ish)

I’ve shared a few times how much I love doing Whole 30. While it totally sucks at first, I’ve never noticed such a huge difference in my health, body, etc. I’m traveling a bunch this summer so it wasn’t totally feasible to do it 100% of the time so instead I’m trying to do follow the Whole30 rules with at least 2 meals per day. This means those meals can’t have dairy, grains, sugar, preservatives, etc. I’m also trying to stay away from the Starbucks drinks and instead do blended cold brew + bananas + almond milk. 

I Don’t Obsess

I haven’t always had the best relationship with food and weight loss. I don’t want to get into a ton of detail in this post specifically but towards the end of college and right after graduating, I struggled with an eating disorder. I was also exercising 2-3 times a day. It was bananas. And I just wasn’t healthy physically, emotionally or mentally. I was literally obsessed with what I thought an ideal body looked like and even after I got better, I still was one of those crazy calorie counters, fat pinchers. But with time and maturity, I’m finally in a place where I don’t obsess over my journey – or lack thereof. I have great days: I workout twice (in a healthy way), eat balanced meals, get lots of rest and give myself all the positive vibes. I also have bad days. Two days ago for example…I ate McDonalds for dinner. But instead of hating myself for it, I made up for it the next day and totally enjoyed those fries and McNuggets. 

I Still Have Fun 

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above – but I’m not restricting things or dieting or keeping the fun out of my life. I’m still drinking my cocktails, going out dancing, staying out late, eating what I want when I’m hungry, etc. That happiness alone is definitely helping me stay on track because it makes the healthier aspects of my lifestyle seem less daunting and more sustainable. I also try to keep my workouts fun and different instead of running on a treadmill every day. You gotta switch things up! 


Do you guys have any fitness goals or plans this summer? Tips for staying on track? Please drop ’em below and we can totally rock this out together! 


  1. 6.28.17
    jessica said:

    Girrrrrrl I went to CrossFit today for the first time in over a year if not more and I can not believe how out of shape I am. The spin and pilates just ain’t the same! You can do it! And let’s do Stellar together!


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