Pleats & Stripes


I’m just gonna ho ahead and say this – today’s post almost didn’t happen. If you follow along with the drama series that is my IG Stories, you probably saw that over the weekend I was dealing with some major computer issues. The past few days have been a serious roller coaster of emotions. I’ve gotten way too many expert opinions from both the genius bar and the geek squad. At one point I needed a whole new computer. There was a moment when, “Actually, everything looks fine! We just need to backup.” And then I got the call yesterday night that they could only recover 10% of my data and that the rest couldn’t be retrieved. If I want it, I have to wait 6-9 weeks after sending out and dishing out almost $2k. By the way, the computer they thought was ruined works perfectly fine. My personal, blog, business files are not. I was also without a computer for 3 days which is a lot for a girl who works 4+ jobs out of her computer. I finally got access to one late yesterday and have been trying to play catch  up the best I can. 

So yeah, this post almost didn’t make the cute. But, when you have a cute maxi skirt to show the world, you pour yourself another glass of wine and get that shit done #amiright. 

I think what I love about this skirt is that it is actually a dress. Surprise! I can’t wait to twirl around in these pleats in Spain in a few weeks (more on that later). But for a casual, weekend look I opted for a skirt + knotted button up combo. I actually like to think today’s look is symbolic of the tech challenges I’m facing outside of the screen. I’m taking what I have to work with and pairing it with something new to create something awesome…or something like that.f you can’t tell, I am trying to stay AS POSITIVE as humanly possible right about now. 

I love how making this maxi dress a skirt gave me a little extra length in the hem and I think the pleats help hide the bunched up midsection I created with a little makeshift waistline. I threw on this striped bloused. Tied it in a knot. Topped it off with a simple belt. And there ya have it.