#REALationship Goals | New Year, New Goals

How is it even possible that we are two days away from a new year? It may sound cliche, but this year flew by in almost record speed which means it’s time to set some new goals and resolutions for 2017. Regardless of whatever stage our relationship is in, there’s one thing Mae, Sabrina and I all agreed on: 2017 goals aren’t just for our own personal resolutions but we also love setting goals with bae each year. Sure, setting your own vision for making that next career leap or getting in the gym an extra few hours each week are definitely important but we also think it’s pretty fun to set goals to accomplish with your boo thing in the new year. Check out a few of our tips for setting joint goals below along with a little peek into some of our #REALationshipGoals for 2017!


I think this might be one of my favorite ways to end out the year. I typically don’t set too many personal goals or resolutions but definitely set goals for growing Fashionably Lo each year. Now that I’m doing life with #FashionablyBae, I couldn’t wait to get some goals together to help our bae-ship thrive in 2017.

We’re heading out to Chicago this weekend for NYE so we’ll probably be setting our “formal” goals on the plane ride back. In typical Lauren fashion, I may or may not already have a list started with some ideas and things I want us to accomplish together. That’s actually probably my main piece of advice. Before diving into this whole goal-setting conversation, keep a short list of things you think the two of you can set together so when it’s time to create a joint list, you have a good outline. Make sure bae does this too! My second piece of advice is to have fun with it. Yes, definitely set a goal or two around the growth of your emotional well being and your relationship but… we will without a doubt have some travel goals on our list this year. I’m also thinking of adding in a goal where we each have to do something (together) that is completely out of our comfort zones. Not quite sure what this is yet but I’ve always heard that experiencing and overcoming a fear with your significant other is another great way to bring you extra close. Stay tuned for this one!


Setting goals is one of my favorite things to do, mostly because I love the feeling of accomplishing them. Nick and I actually talk about our goals on the reg and set new ones regularly, too. It’s a popular dinnertime conversation. We also spend a lot of time on the road together and go for regular walks, so we do some of our best (collective) thinking in the car or on a walking trail. We set our personal goals separately (initially), then we discuss them with one another and help develop plans for achieving them. I’m a firm believer that a goal without a plan is pointless and I drive Nick crazy with this sometimes. We can talk for hours about goals and dreams but if we don’t figure out how we’re going to get there, I get really frustrated.

We usually have several goals going on at any given time so we’ve figure out what works for us in helping us actually get them. When we set goals, we first try to keep the goal realistic. This doesn’t mean don’t dream big. By all means, reach for the stars. A realistic goal for us might be doubling our income in a year. Big goal, but totally possible under the right circumstances and with planning (again, why you need a plan). We also try to give ourselves the tools we need to accomplish our goals. We always say “give yourself your best chance.” If your goal is to eat less sugar, don’t keep sweets in the house and do your meal planning ahead of time. If you want to be debt free, stop accruing new debt. Finally, we set goals with a timeline attached. Having an end date helps motivate us and we’ve found that we actually have a track record of hitting our goals early when a timeline is in place.

Happy New Year! I hope you achieve all your goals in 2017!



Oh man, is it that time already? I always look forward to reviewing the resolutions that we set for ourselves at our annual NYE dinner, and finally put into writing what we are thinking for 2017. I think it’s important that your goal setting to be two-fold: individual & combined. During this time of the year, we try to emphasize the need for personal growth as well as growth as a couple. We set financial, career, fitness, and of course personal goals- which can include anything from trying a new hobby or cooking a new dish. The key is to keep things balanced: the fun with the real. Add ‘read 1 book a month’ to your resolution list and ‘try 1 new restaurant a month.’

++ I keep track of all of resolutions in a not-so-glamourous iPhone notes doc that is synced to all of our devices. The upside to this, is that we are able to go back and revisit our resolutions from the last 10 years. So crazy how “get straight As” and “get a good job” used to be the top of every list!

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Have a Happy New Year!