My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

When it comes to smoothies, I used to be all about that peanut-buttery-basically-dessert-like smoothie goodness. Lately though I’ve been craving more and more green and fruit based smoothies. I’m not sure where the shift in my tastebuds came from but I can’t get enough.

I make a version of this green smoothie pretty much every day as my post-workout breakfast or a snack between lunch and dinner. It’s delicious, full of good nutrients, filling and doesn’t taste like you’re eating a pureed salad. What’s not to love!

Green Smoothie Recipe


+ 1 cup spinach

+ 1 frozen banana

+ 1 peach (1c frozen peaches if not in season)

+ 1 tbsp fresh ginger

+ 1/2 squeezed lime

+ 1 tbs chia seeds

+1 scoop vanilla protein powder


Blend all ingredients with ice and a little water or unsweetened almond milk. Enjoy!

What are you favorite types of smoothies? Comment below!


  1. 4.16.19
    Jessica Camerata said:

    Yes girl getting those chia seeds and fiber in!!! I’m not a big smoothie person, I so much prefer EATING ha, but I need to try this. It looks similar to the green juice i used to make, but a juicer is such a pain. Totally down for a smoothie version instead!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. 4.18.19
    Mella Yo said:

    What protein do you use/recommend?

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