How to Style a Bar Cart

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how many bar carts we have in the new house. Any guesses?

I’ll tell ya – we have four. FOUR. Two for liquor and two for wine. And an option fifth that we stock up for big parties. Oops.

Safe to say we love our alcohol in the Chambers/Price household. Even more than that, we just really love to entertain. Whether we’re having people over for dinner or throwing a wild rager (okay, that never actually happens), we love to make sure the bar is fully stocked for any and every occasion.

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I’ve seen lots and lots of bar carts on Pinterest. Some are gorgeous. Some are complicated. Some are busy. None felt like what we needed in real life so I thought I’d share a few tips for styling your bar cart that might actually be helpful. Now, if you only use your cart for decor purposes then ignore. But if you’re looking to keep your car ready for the party and actually put it to use, check out my tips for styling your bar cart below!

How to Style a Bar Cart

Step 1. Get a good bar cart

This might seem like an obvious first step, but let’s be real, sometimes finding the perfect bar cart can be quite the task. As soon as I saw this black cart online, I knew I had to have it. It’s masculine enough to make Brandon happy and fit our decor perfectly.


Step 2. Stock up all the heroes

Make sure that your bar is stocked with all the good stuff. You want to make sure your favorites are there as well as options for guests.

We always have a bottle and Titos Vodka and Jack Daniels on hand since those are usually the most popular amongst our family and friends.

A few others to have on hand:

  • Bourbon (we love Woodford Reserve)
  • Tequila (can’t go wrong with Patron for shots)
  • A bottle each of red wine and white wine
  • Champagne (keep cold until guests arrive)

Once you have the basics, you can start to add fun specialty liquor like moonshine, flavored rums, etc. If you’re running out of room on the top shelf, feel free to move the more specialty drinks to the lower shelf or swap out with special party mixes like Sangria or batch margaritas.

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Step 3. Don’t overcrowd the mixers and glasses

Rather than having five different sets of glasses displayed on your cart, I like to keep things a little more minimal. I have one set of taller glasses and one set of tumblers. I also have a set of shot glasses on the top shelf for those wild nights. I have a set of margarita glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses and a few other sets stored in our kitchen so I can easily pull them out depending on the occasion or types of drinks we’re serving. You can swap out the glasses depending on the occasion or get rid of them altogether and use solo cups for those types of shindigs (we all have them).

Same goes for the mixers. No need to always have all of the mixers on display. I usually keep a few bottles of tonic or club soda on hand and the rest of the mixers like juices and soda stay in the fridge until party time.


Step 4. Have fun with accessories and decor

While I still like a slightly minimal feel to our bar cart, I love adding fun accents and accessories to add a personal touch. I usually add a few bar essentials like wine stoppers, beer openers and every now and then I’ll add our shaker and decanter sets. I also love to swap out the decor but right now I’m all about the cocktail books and some fun statement pieces.

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