Get to Know…My Relationship!

Okay. It’s the week before Thanksgiving. We have like six weeks left in the year. I’ll be honest, blog posts are going to be a little more on the fun & random side because, well, why not? The new year will bring an entirely new level of stories for you guys but like most holiday breaks, we’re keeping the “homework” and reading to a minimum. So there’s that.

Now, for today’s post. B and I met up with Naomi to get some fun photos together and I LOVE the way they turned out. I couldn’t wait to share them but couldn’t really think of a good relationship topic to write about. And then, IG happened. I got a few random questions about Brandon over the past few weeks so I thought it might be fun to share a few random facts about our relationship. Depending on how long you’ve been following my journey, you may or may not know all of these – let’s dive in!

5 Fun Facts About Our Relationship

Fact # 1 We’ve known each other since 2006

Brandon and I met through our families AGES ago. I was in 7th grade, Brandon was in 8th. Our families are basically one which definitely adds a little bit of “fun” pressure but it’s also really awesome that our parents, aunts, cousins, etc. are always at the same family functions!

We totally had crushes on each other and even made out at Brandon’s high school graduation party but never made any moves beyond that one kiss until after we both graduated from college. More on that below!

Fact # 2 We took a break last year

I’ve shared this before but I think it’s something to acknowledge, mainly, because relationships aren’t perfect. In 2018, we broke up for two months. Like truly broke up – no Ross & Rachel crap. During that short time, we both took a step back to identify some of our own personal issues and started making some changes. We came back together, both stronger than we were before and while we definitely still have some work to do (don’t we all), I don’t think we would still be in a relationship if that break didn’t happen. Lean into the changes, my friends. If something isn’t working in your relationship, you might not need a full-on breakup but don’t be afraid to tackle the issues head-on, take time for yourself if you need it or give your partner space to work on their own issues.

Fact # 3 We don’t agree on cuddle time

I don’t like to cuddle. It’s probably the thing we “argue” about the most. I’ve never been very affectionate and although Brandon has brought that out in me, when it comes to my sleep I like to be unbothered. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cuddle during movies and first thing in the morning. But if I’m sleeping, I hate to be woken up and cuddled with. I know, I sound like a monster. I can’t really explain it – I get really hot and cranky when I sleep and because I’m a light sleeper, any touch or disruption to my sleep will keep me up for hours. Brandon is the complete opposite and almost needs a good cuddle to fall asleep. We’re working through it, trying to find some balance. It honestly cracks me up that this is such a “thing” in our relationship but I love it at the same time.

Fact # 4 We started a weekly movie tradition

This is probably my favorite thing that we do as a couple. Movies have always been a part of both of our lives pre-relationship so when we started dating, that was one of the strongest things we had in common. We love going to the movies, watching movies, talking about movies. We started at-home movie nights every Wednesday and it has been so much fun.

It’s on the calendar. We don’t cancel for other plans (even if it means the movie is super late at night). We each wrote a ton of movies on slips of paper and keep them in a bucket. Then, every week, we take turns picking out a movie at random. No matter what we pick, we gotta watch it. I’m convinced B took all of my papers out of the bucket…there have been lots of Star Wars and Clint Eastwood movies! I love that this gives us a built-in date night and I think starting new memories and traditions with your boo is really important for keeping the bond and “romance” alive.

Fact # 5 We dated before…

So I eluded to this earlier but we did date for a few months several years ago. I was living with this sister in DC (seriously, our families are family) and he came to visit. We sort of clicked romantically and started keeping in touch. Then, at his other sister’s wedding, both of our families pretty much played matchmaker and convinced us to give the whole dating thing a try. We dated long distance for about two months and while there was absolutely nothing wrong with the relationship – B was so sweet (I’m writing this because I’m scared he will NOT like that I’m sharing this. Oops), I realized that I wasn’t over my ex-boyfriend (you know the one) so Brandon and I broke up. I will be the first to say, I did NOT handle it very well. We won’t get into the details but it took B a while to not hate me lol

At the end of the day, the timing wasn’t right for us and we both recognize that now. Fast forward to four years ago, we reconnected after our previous relationships were ending and have been attached at the hip ever since! Timing is really truly honestly EVERYTHING. Seriously. It’s a thing.

Photos by Naomi Hopkins


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