Why Every Girl Needs a Girl Squad

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I’ve talked a lot about how major it is (to me, at least) to surround yourself with an epic #squad. Whether it’s family, a gorgeous group of boss babes, besties from way back when or just a totally awesome #FashionablyBae (hey B!!)…I can’t stress enough how important my squad has been for growing my blog and my brand. And even more so, my blog has connected with so many amazing women that have now turned in to serious girlfriends – and I love it! 

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and missed all of my #TBScon coverage on social or through a few fun blog posts (here and here), I recently traveled to Charleston with two fellow ATL bloggers Sabrina and Mae and had the BEST time. I’ve know these girls for probably close to two years now but never really got the chance to know them. We’ve hung out at different events around town, grabbed coffee every now and then but there was so much I didn’t know about these ladies.

We had such a blast exploring the colorful streets of Charleston, getting our network on at the conference, eating our way through plates of cheese fries and pizza and sharing all of the things we’ve learned so far through the blogging world. It was one of those trips that ended with all of us feeling like we’ve been besties for years and, not to get super sappy, but it’s something that really impacted me. Blogging can be competitive at times and it can also be really hard to not compare your success, your look, your brand to other girls – it’s SO great to have a group of girls you can vent with and bounce ideas off of. All things that make an awesome #squad. 

I can’t share all of the details just yet but the three of us are working on something pretty exciting for our readers and I can’t wait to see what you guys think. The idea came from our 5 hour road trip home after lots of girl talk, way too many laughs and all sorts of super sensitive info sharing — all the things I love <3 So stay tuned!

Anyways, so enough rambling…you get the picture! I thought it would be cool to take a break from just ootd talk and share a little something special that was on my mind.

Got a group of ladies you just can’t live without? Growing your #squad to help your brand grow? Sound off below!! 

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By the way, we’re all wearing our fave picks from Oasis. Add a little to your closet just in time for fall! 

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  1. 8.17.16
    Alex said:

    Love this post! Y’all look so gorgeous. Some of my best friends have been made by meeting them through blogging, wouldn’t change it for anything!!


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