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One of my favorite parts about this platform is the connections I make with each and every one of you. Part of that connection involves a lot of vulnerability on my end – and today’s post just might be one of the most uncomfortable ones I’ve written in a while. 

When I first graduated from college, I didn’t really understand the concept of credit cards. I know – it’s a little silly. Don’t get me wrong. I knew how they worked. You charge something and pay it later. But when you put off the paying it later part, that’s where you can get into a little bit of trouble. Trying to pay off maxed-out cards with high interest when you’re still an intern is no easy task. I wracked up a mini fortune in debt in less than a year and it was something that haunted me well into the #adulting phase of life.

It took me a few years to get a grasp on things but I am SO proud to say that I finally paid off the credit card debt. YAY! Going through that challenge was probably what I needed to get a better handle on my finances. Have I slipped up and charged maybe one too many things? Yes. But now I use my credit cards to build my credit instead of just shopping till I drop.

Before I paid off my debt, I struggled with the fact that I had all of this debt and felt super stuck with a low credit score – I was embarrassed. I didn’t tell friends. I just felt like I should have known better.

The fact is, sometimes we make mistakes or we don’t fully understand how little actions will impact us in the future. But that’s where resources like CreditRepair.com come in.

CreditRepair.com is a leading provider of credit report repair services built to educate and empower folks who are looking to achieve the credit scores they deserve. Not only do members get a personal online dashboard with a credit score tracker and analysis, but you also have access to creditor and bureau interactions, text and email alerts, mobile apps and credit monitoring. The thing I love most about CreditRepair.com is that they believe our credit score is not written in stone. It’s not a number that defines us forever and we have the opportunity to change it.

Now that I’m in a better place financially, I can’t wait to work on even more things to build that score back up. As the folks at CreditRepair.com say: You are more than a credit score.

They also say: your credit won’t fix itself. Whether you’re like me and trying to build things back up or need to start from scratch, you can get help from CreditRepair.com today with a free consultation and kickstart your own credit repair journey.


Photos by Hannah Lozano

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