Three Unique Wellness Goals to Set for 2020

A few weeks ago, I shared a few healthy habits to kickstart your 2020 fitness goals. I can’t stress enough how important the process is, no matter what results you hope for. Whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, run a marathon or build a booty – the way you get there is so much more important than the fact that you get there at all. Hear me out. 

It’s pretty standard to set fitness goals when we’re starting a new year. But did you know what most people fizzle out by February and 30% of those who lose weight actually gain it back by the end of the year? Safe to say that setting a goal isn’t enough to guarantee you’ll get the results you’d hoped for. One of the things I implemented this year was to focus on developing new habits I could get behind. The results of those habits are not only more likely to happen but I’m also way more likely to maintain the results for years to come because I’ve developed a process that aligns with my lifestyle. 

Goal 1: Be Bold 

Girl – you GOT THIS. A new year means new goals and a new chance to be bolder than ever before. Sign up for a new boxing class. Try a new cooking class. Post about your goals on social media – and call out your friends to join in. Or, in my case, flaunt your strong bod in a bold new adidas bodysuit just because. 

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Goal 2: Create a New Challenge Every Month 

Rather than all of your goals being around weight loss numbers or end results, give yourself a new challenge every month! For January, commit to doing 20 push ups every day. For February, try a new cardio class once a week. For March, only eat out on weekends. And so on. Setting challenges like this is a great way to build better habits without feeling like you’re making a ton of changes all at once. 

Goal 3: Invest in Your Goals

Whether it’s buying new workout clothes, stocking up on equipment you can use at home for a workout or joining a gym that offers fun classes that will challenge you and hold you accountable, consider the investments you’re making into your wellness goals. And this doesn’t just mean money! You’re investing your time and your energy into living a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle. Write out how you plan to invest your time and track against just like you would any other budget. I put my “investments” into a spreadsheet and then add dollars spent + hours allocated. I find that this not only helps me stay accountable but it’s pretty rewarding to see your investment in yourself over time when paired with your results! 

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This post was written in collaboration with adidas. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Photos by Naomi Hopkins.