The One Thing That SAVES My Relationship

Spoiler. Brandon and I don’t have a perfect relationship. We’re not a perfect couple. We argue. We get upset. We’re stubborn. We cry (well, I cry). We have our bad moments. And while the good outweighs the bad, when these bad moments happen they seem to really hit hard. Can you relate?

What started as a weird habit has grown into the saving grace for a lot of these bad moments. The title of this post might sound like click-bait but I promise you, this one thing has literally saved us from relationship-threatening fights.

So what is it…

We kiss each other goodbye every single morning. Groundbreaking. I know what you’re thinking. Big whoop. But let me tell ya – this isn’t a normal kiss.

I’m not sure when it started but for the past year or so, Brandon and I have gotten in this habit of doing three pecks on the lips anytime we kiss. What started as a “cute” PDA situation has now turned into our morning routine. We do a little tongue-action (sorry, mom), give each other three pecks and then Brandon gives me a little pat on the booty. We’ve done this every single morning for at least the past six months. And while it sounds a little ridiculous and also pretty simple, I gotta say it works.

Reason 1: it sort of reminds us to be intimate

I’d be lying if I said we were all over each other and full of lust every single minute of every single day. Gone are the days of early relationship puppy love. We’re now at a place of that deep-love comfort and sometimes that means farting in front of each other or nagging about dishes. Don’t get me wrong, we’re a pretty annoyingly affectionate couple but that’s not always the case. Having this little ritual we do every morning is a fun way to be intimate with each other outside of the bedroom.

Reason 2: it forces us to put our anger aside even if just for a few seconds

We’ve all been there. The argument that is so bad it seems like you’ll never make up. Whether we argued the night before or I did something in the morning that just pushed all of Brandon’s buttons, for just a few seconds each morning all of that hostility or negative energy goes out the window. We might not do the whole make-out portion of the kiss, but we make it a priority to still kiss each other goodbye. It somehow just softens the blow of it all and for me, at least, it reminds me in that moment of anger that I love this guy.

Now – do not get me wrong. I am NOT saying force yourself to kiss your partner just to get through an argument. This is simply what works for us. And it’s not a solution. We still might go the whole day without speaking. We still eventually talk about whatever caused the argument. And there’s a good chance that one of us will still need a few days to get back to normal. But there’s something about having this intimate moment every day that brings us together.

Are there any quirks or things you and your partner do to maintain a strong relationship? Drop it below in the comments!


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