The Best Apps & Software for Creative Entrepreneurs

When it comes to running my business, I like to think that my toolbox is pretty full. In addition to cameras, paper planners and the best pens around (sharpie, fine tip), my toolbox is mostly made up of apps. I use a wide collection of apps and software to run my business and there is no way I’d be able to do it without these life savers. Whether you’re a blogger, creative business owner or some mix of them all – these apps are for you!

Adobe Creative Cloud (all apps)

Whether you’re looking to create branded elements for your business, edit videos/photos or sign contracts – Adobe Creative Cloud is for you. I have the full package that comes with all of the Adobe software and I love it. I use Photoshop for creating graphics, designing my logo, making Story frames, etc. I use Lightroom to edit photos. I use Acrobat to sign contracts, combine files and add links to PDFs. I use Premiere to edit videos. And that’s just the start. If you don’t need the full suite, they have a discounted version for just Photoshop and Lightroom which is a great option!

Cost: $52.99/month ($9.99 for just Lightroom + Photoshop)


Jessica introduced me to wave a few years ago and it is by far my favorite accounting software. I use Wave to send invoices, track payments and keep my income sorted for the year. It’s completely free, super easy to navigate and I love that it keeps all of my stuff in one place.

Cost: free


InShot is my favorite phone app for editing videos. The app is really easy to use and I love that you can import your music to create new videos. The editing is very simple, a little more so than iMovie. I also love how quickly you can import and export, all from your phone!

Cost: $9.99/month (I pay this to remove the watermark and access the full features)


Say buh bye to Mailchimp and hello to your new newsletter bestie. I started using Flodesk a few months ago and am obsessed. The templates are gorgeous. The user flow is amazing. You only pay one price, no matter how many subscribers you have. It’s great! The main reason why I switched over to Flodesk was because of all of the template and customization options. You can upload your color palette and branding, tweak or create layouts and so much more.

Cost: $19/month (originally double this price but click here to get your subscription for 50% off!)


Get ready to get organized, ladies. Asana is about to become your new obsession! I love a to-do list. Asana lets you create the perfect workflow that works for you. You can add team members, assign due dates and create projects and columns that align with how you like to work. Access from your desktop or your phone. It’s just all so good.

Cost: free

Photos by Naomi Hopkins