Summer Closet Staples

Getting “dressed” lately has consisted mostly of putting on a clean pair of sweats, putting on deodorant and then sitting my butt back on the couch to watch Netflix. I’ve always been a pretty laid back person who loves comfort but I’m not gonna lie, I really miss getting dressed and going places.

Although I plan to stay at home a little while longer, I may or may not be stocking up on a few summer staples so I can make a true entrance when I see my friends again…whenever that is.

I love Summer clothes. Easy. Casual. Flirty. Comfortable. Breezey. I just love getting dressed for summer. Atlanta might be hot AF in a few months but at this point, I plan to embrace it.

I have a feeling most of you can relate so I thought I’d share a few of my go-to summer staples. Affordable pieces that can carry ya all summer long – lets dive in!

Summer Closet Staples – Under $100

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