Staying Organized At Home

We’re spending a LOT more time at home right now and I don’t know about you, but things have been a mess. A little chaotic, if you will. Brandon and I are both getting used to being at home 24/7 together and as you can imagine, two people sharing a space all day every day can get a little chaotic.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty organized person but I started making a few small changes last week and things are already so much better. I’m all about creating a stress-free environment, especially during these stressful times, and the good news is that we actually have some control over the space we create for ourselves.

If you’re looking to get a little more organized at home, these are the things I do every day or a few times a week to make sure I’m not only keeping the clutter at bay but keeping my mini stress-outs to a minimum!

No. 1 Write out your plan for the week

Every Sunday night or Monday morning, take a few minutes and make a plan for the week. Whether it’s creating a to-do list for every day or a list of things you know you want to get accomplished this week, make your plan. I’ll write out a list for each day that includes home projects/chores, my workout, meal prep and work-tasks that I need to get done that day. This keeps me super productive and helps to keep me a little at ease with all of the unknown right now. Having a plan can be a huge help. Even Brandon started making his own plan for the week, Call of Duty included.

No. 2 Make the kitchen a part of your morning and evening routine.

I give Sarah all of the credit for this one. I don’t know about you guys but, now more than ever, we have SO many dirty dishes. They just pile up throughout the day. Eating three meals plus snacks and drinks at home multiplied by two people equals lots of dishes and a messy kitchen. This is one of those things that seriously stresses me out and just makes me feel like my entire house is in chaos. But we can fix that.

I started loading the dishwasher throughout the day. After we’re done with a dish, we rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. By the end of the day, if the dishwasher is full, we’ll run it overnight. Then, in the morning when I’m making my coffee or breakfast, I’ll unload the dishwasher so it’s free for the day. I also use the time when my food is cooking/heating up to wipe down the counters or put things away as needed. Seeing a clean kitchen throughout the day will seriously do wonders, I promise!

No. 3 Put it away after you use it.

This seems like a simple enough task but we all know it isn’t. In a perfect world, when I’m done with a book, I’d put it on the bookcase. When I’m finished with a workout, the dumbbells would back in their basket. Brandon & I, however, are not so good at this so we both started being a little more mindful of it now that we’re sharing a space 24/7. Instead of saying “I’ll get it later”, just put the thing you’re done using back where it belongs. It saves SO much time doing a massive clean up later in the day or the week. You’re sort of resetting the room so it stays tidy at all times – how amazing does that sound??

No. 4 Create spaces for the mess/chaos

If you have kids or a messy fiancé or just a lot going on and you know it’s a little unlikely that you can tidy up after every activity or use, create mini chaos corners. Brandon isn’t great about putting his dirty clothes in the hamper or hanging up the ones that can be worn again. He used to just leave his stuff scattered throughout the bedroom – and it drove me crazy. Now, he has a chair in our bedroom that he can fling his clothes on. It keeps the chaos in one corner and, when it stacks up, it serves as a good reminder to put it all away. The same goes for our “belongs upstairs” basket. We have a basket at the bottom of our stairs that goes up with us at the end of each day. This basket is reserved for those things that need to go up like socks, a phone charger, important mail, toiletries from the grocery store, etc. Rather than leaving it all over the house and having to make several trips up and down, we keep everything in the basket and then take it up with us at the end of the night. It’s organized chaos and I love it.