She Breaks Barriers

So, fun fact. International Women’s Day is coming up in a few days (mark you calendar for March 8th). And it’s got me thinking about all of the amazing women in my life. My mom. My besties. My fellow girl bosses. I feel pretty lucky to be surrounded by so much badass-ness on the regular. But, today’s post isn’t about all of them. It’s about you.

If you ask me, the first step in celebrating women around the world is to celebrate YOU. You are an amazing woman. You are worthy of being honored. You deserve a little celebration.

I think we all struggle a bit with acknowledging this simple fact. Let’s be real, although “self-love” is a trending topic, it’s a lot easier said than done. A spa night at home does not alone equate self-love. Ya feel me?

The adidas She Breaks Barriers initiative aims to celebrate all women- those that inspire, empower, and break barriers.

I’m taking a page from the adidas playbook book and sharing a few of my favorite ways to help you break barriers and embrace that self-love and confidence once and for all.

No. 1 it’s positive mantra time

In my opinion, your mental health is priority number one. There are a lot of things that go into building a strong woman on the inside but one of my favorite things is a good ole’ positive mantra. I start every single morning doing two things.

Step 1. I stand in front of my mirror with my hands on my hips a la Wonder Woman.

Step 2. I say at least ONE positive thing about myself. One compliment. One comment. Something positive and something uplifting.

I’ll tell ya – this is a game-changer. It might sound silly and you might seriously doubt that this could actually work. But I’m telling you it does. Taking the time to start each day by being nice to yourself does a lot for your mental game. It’s also a great reminder to be nicer to yourself and celebrate all parts of you.

NO. 2 Your physical health is important, too

No more setting goals strictly around things like “I want to be skinnier” or “I want to lose 20 lbs so I can look like _____”. If you want to lose weight or tone up or build muscle, do it for YOU and your health. Do it so you can live longer. Do it so you feel good running up a flight of stairs. Do it so you can get rid of digestive issues that hold you back from eating out with your girlfriends.

Hire a trainer. Join a gym. Find a workout buddy. Invest in home workout equipment.

Start meal prep Sundays. Drink more water. Take a food allergy test.

Start making small changes that support lager health goals and I guarantee you that you’ll start to see physical and mental changes. When I started putting my health first, I think that’s when I had the biggest wake-up call. And now, you couldn’t tell me to love myself more.

No. 3 Treat Yourself

Okay. So this one is less of a must-do and more of a reward. You’ve put in the work. You’ve made changes to your daily routine. You love the heck out of yourself. Now, it’s time to go shopping. Right now, the thing that makes me feel the most confident is workout gear. Rocking your leggings and sports bra at the gym without a care in the world – that’s love. Who cares about the bra bulge. Who cares about the cellulite. Who cares. Who cares. WHO CARES?

Shop some of my adidas favorites below! I guarantee you’re going to feel like a total badass in the gym – or on your way to brunch – or wherever you like to sport your sporty gear.

Photos by Naomi Hopkins