#REALationshipGoals: Top 5

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing our #REALationshipGoals series for almost a year now (2 months to go!). What started as a the longest girl talk sesh on our way back from Charleston, this series has stemmed into something even greater. Mae, Sabrina and I are all at different stages in our lives and our relationships and we set out to share the good, the bad and the ugly with our readers in the hopes of starting REAL conversations on the real $h!t that goes on – and it’s been so fun! I’m rounding up my Top 5 Topics that we’ve touched on over the past few months in  honor of #FlashbackFriday (obvi). Check ’em out and let us know which posts you enjoyed reading the most

  1. Fight Night: In this edition of our series, we talked all things fights + arguments. How we handle the conflict, the mistakes we make, how we work together and everything in between. We all experience ups and downs with our significant other and it doesn’t have to be a hidden secret! 
  2. Money Talks: This actually might be one of my favorite posts we’ve done. Money is one of those taboo topics a lot of couples don’t directly discuss…until it’s too late. For this post, we shared how we each approach finances in our relationships and what works or doesn’t work for us. Because the three of us are all in different stages and very different relationships, it was cool to see how Mae and Sabrina as married women approach money and I also loved giving my perspective form the dating lens.  
  3. The Guy’s Fashion Critique: Okay let’s be real – every girl is dying to know what their guy actually thinks of their style. Brandon hates my FAVORITE pair of jeans and I had no idea! We asked our guys for their honest feedback on our style and wardrobe and it was hilarious!  
  4. Keeping Score: This was another one of those topics that most people don’t really talk about. The idea of keeping score can seem petty or even immature but we shared how keeping score can play a positive role in your relationship…and how it might just backfire.  
  5. Privacy Settings: Raise your hand if you steal a glance at bae’s phone every now and then!  (meeee) In this post we talked about the different levels of privacy in each of our relationships and realized there are so man different ways to approach trust.

Did you have any favorites? Comment below! 


  1. 6.5.17

    This is so fun and interesting! Such a great idea and useful for people to read, I’d love to do something like this for one of my Wellness Challenges 🙂


  2. 6.6.17

    These are such great tips for new and old couples alike! 🙂

    Angelie // Pepper Lunch – SM Mall of Asia

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