#REALationshipGoals: Keeping Score

Honesty time. I keep score. When it comes to my relationship with #FashionablyBae, it’s only natural that we both keep an informal tally of the pretty awesome things we do for eachother. And no, I’m not talking about gifts or major acts of love. I’m talking more along the lines of that random cup of coffee he got when he was running errands or the fact that I tried my hardest bribe the Atlanta Hawks to give us tickets to a game a few weeks ago (didn’t quite pan out – but I tried).

In this week’s edition of #REALationshipGoals, I’ve challenged Mae & Sabrina to put this theory to the test – join in on this week’s prompt by commenting below!

Do you have a “hush hush” point system (duh – we all do)? If so, how do you score a few extra “girlfriend points” with your significant other?


MaeI know it’s not a competition, but Nick and I definitely both try to go out of our way for one another. Whether we realize it or not, we are probably keeping a little mental record of it, too. We do this in small ways. Like, when I wake up early every morning to make Nick a smoothie and pack his lunch. Picking up his favorite snacks, ordering him a pizza, or going to a movie with him are all sure fire ways to grab a few extra points. I also earn lots of points for going to Guitar Center or looking at guitar gear online with him (in the same way he earns points for looking at furniture). He knows it’s less fun for me, but he enjoys it so much that he’s thrilled if I show an interest.

We earn points in larger ways, too. When we moved to Atlanta, I took Nick to his first Braves game. He had been a Braves fan since he was a kid, so it was a big deal for him. I knew nothing about the team, though, so I learned everything I could about the team and baseball in general beforehand so I could ask meaningful questions. Pretty soon, I was a fan too and the gesture was not lost on him. Over time, I learned every team member and got very into it with him. We’d watch every game. The team looks nothing the same today (Heyward, you’ll always have my heart), but it’s still something we can share together. We enjoy a lot of the same things so sometimes it’s hard to know who gets the points. But we both try to fill the other with love and good memories. I don’t mind if I earn a few wife points in the process.

Lauren: Yes – well you already knew that (see above). Now I know what you’re thinking – you’re not supposed to keep score. You do things for your SO because you want to. And I totally agree. I don’t specifically do things for B because he did something for me and now I owe him. But, when he does something really special or vice versa, I think we both keep a little mental note. I love to win brownie points and I think he likes to one-up me every now and then. Sometimes it can be fun to challenge each other to show love or appreciation in new ways!

Sabrina: Oh for sure! Sahir and I try not to keep score when it comes to things like household chores and the unflattering parts of the marriage, but keeping score for doing fun things – yes, all of it! I love doing things to surprise Sahir and earn some more points in my corner. He has an obsession with Drake so when Drake came to Atlanta I had to surprise him with concert tickets – not for a birthday or an anniversary, but just because. He was so happy! I didn’t even need to count the points, his smile made it all worth it. However, when it came to asking for him to take a few extra days off for our anniversary trip, having those extra points felt mighty good!