Open Me When…

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through January. It quite literally feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and then NYE, and now we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day. Crazy. I already have some fun ideas in the works for B, but I made the decision this year to spread the #vday spirit and celebrate some of my girls, too. I’m all for a good Galentine’s Day, but it’s really so much more than that. In the past, I’ve always put my relationship at the forefront. And, well, there’s nothing wrong with that for most people. But for me, I found myself putting my other relationships with my girlfriends on the back burner. Don’t even get me started on my relationship with myself. After taking a much needed time-out last year, I finally got around to embracing self love. Now, I’m off to spread some of that love to my babes.

I was stuck though. How do I show the important ladies in my life how much they mean to me? Gifts seem sort of frivolous. I’m also not made of money, so there’s that. And then, I had an idea. The gift of good vibes and #girlpower.

After browsing through the Target card aisle (i.e. the best place to stock up for any holiday), I picked up a few American Greetings Valentine’s Day cards to help capture exactly what it was I wanted to say to my girl tribe. I went home and started writing out just what it was I loved about my friends. Their strength, their compassion, their confidence, their collection of sunglasses. All the things. I then labeled each envelope with an “Open Me When…” message. Open me when the kids won’t take their nap. Open me when you’re enjoying a glass of wine solo. Open me when you’re craving chocolate. And so on. I loved this idea of gifting my girls with friendly reminders of how much they mean to me when they least expect it. The Valentine’s Day American Greetings cards made for the perfect canvas to share these fun messages, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone in a few weeks. I did, however, get a little too excited and couldn’t resist testing out the idea with Sarah. She cried. I cried. We laughed. I’d say it was a success.

What fun & creative ideas do you have for celebrating Valentine’s Day? Are you down for a Valentine’s Day American Greetings card exchange? If you need some inspiration on what to write, check this out. And make sure you head to your local Target card aisle to pick up your very own set of Valentine’s Day American Greetings’ cards to send the perfect message to that special someone in your life!

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Photos by Shelby Gordon