#MyNatoriIs…a lifestyle

I gotta say it. Women are strong AF. I don’t know how we do it.

We balance jobs and hobbies and kids and husbands and boyfriends and family and happy hours and shopping and grocery shopping and cleaning and accounting and….well, all the things. We do it and we crush it.

We’re busy and we juggle life and we somehow come out on top even when we have to struggle a bit. We still manage to power through stronger than ever.

“I have always believed there are no boundaries.”

– Founder and CEO of Natori, Josie Cruz Natori. 

I recently saw this quote by the founder of Natori and it hit me. The notion of “no boundaries” is nothing new. I know this. But for whatever reason, I was having a hard week and saw this quote and my perspective shifted immediately.

Women live life with zero boundaries. We’re there for everyone’s needs no matter what. We go over and beyond for our bosses, our children, our lovers, our clients. While this example of no boundaries tends to leave us feeling tired and just all the way over it, the sense of no boundaries can also bring a lot of hope.

With no boundaries, we have the chance to push. The chance to push past the pay gap. The chance to push and challenge ourselves in the gym. The chance to push ourselves past our comfort zone and try new things. I don’t know about you – but this fuels me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure. I run two businesses. I manage a house. I pour energy into my relationships. I’m trying to be the healthiest version of myself (inside and out). This little reminder has me motivated to push myself out of my comfort zone and make some changes.

Step 1: get my health on track. I’m in the middle of my fitness journey and still have work to put in but you better believe new workout gear motivates me that much more. Yes, I’ll be hitting the gym more frequently over the next few months but I’m also putting more energy into making this a lifestyle. Living, breathing, doing health. That doesn’t mean restricting myself. It means looking at the way I live as a way to keep my body healthy and thriving. It also means giving my wardrobe an update, starting with some new bras.

My Favorite Natori Sports Bras

Gravity Sports Bra

wearing a size 34c

Get the look of layering without the bulk. A fashion forward, high impact, modern coverage sport bra designed to give the support of 2 bras in 1. 

When it comes to my workouts, this is my new favorite sports bra. The support is amazing and it isn’t too restrictive. I can still move and bend and breathe – I’m obsessed. The double straps also adds a fun design element that makes this the perfect sports bra to rock from the gym to brunch. It’s so chic and stylish.

Limitless Convertible Sport Bralette

wearing a size medium

Talk about the perfect unlined Convertible Bralette with light support. 

This bralette is perfect for lounging around while you get #allthethings done. It’s great for lowkey workouts like yoga and pilates and has been my go-to for travel days. It’s soft and super comfortable but still offers good support for my smaller chest.

This post was written in collaboration with Natori. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Photos by Naomi Hopkins Photo