Nani: Beautiful

When it comes to my vacation beauty routine, especially when it’s a tropical getaway, I tend to stay away from heavier makeup looks. I spend the day absorbing all the sun, sunscreen, salt and sand so when it’s time to get dolled up in the evening, I love to keep things simple. I wrote a few weeks ago about my love for going sans makeup. And yes, I’m still a fan. BUT, in addition to an au natural look, I’m also pretty obsessed with rocking a bronze face while embracing and accentuating that natural glow.

Nani (nah-knee): Beautiful, beauty

Today’s Maui inspired post is all about beauty…and in more ways than one.

First things first. It should come as no surprise that I packed all of my Physicians Formula goodies for our trip. I tend to rock the same makeup no matter the occasion. If I want to get a little fancy, I just swap out the lipstick or line my eyes with a few extra swipes of eyeliner. But when it comes to vacay makeup, the Physicians Formula Butter collection is always my go-to. Literally all you need is the dynamic trio: Butter Bronzer, Butter Highlighter and Butter Blush. Whether we were heading to the beach to snap a few photos or grabbing Mai Tais to watch the sunset, you could find me with these three products at all times.

Fresh out the shower and with a clean face, I swipe on the Butter Bronzer in Sunkissed along my cheekbones and outer rim of my face (to highlight that natural bronzed, glow from the sun). I’ll then add a few swipes of the Butter Blush in th eNatural glow shade to the apples of my cheeks. I tend to keep this as light as possible. To finish off the look, I love adding the Butter Highlighter in Natural Glow to my cheekbones, ridge of the nose and in the corner of my eyes. To take things up a notch (aka: if I know we’re taking lots of pics), I add a few swipes of mascara and a blush or coral lipstick. Done and done. You’ve got the perfect natural look that still stands out and literally highlights your awesome glow.

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In addition to mastering beauty in the sense of the external, one of the things I took from our trip was to just appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. I know. How cheesy does that sound? But it’s true. Maui is by far one of the most magical and beautiful places I’ve ever been. The greenery, the flowers, the water, the people, the colors. It’s breathtaking. I had to keep reminding myself at times to just put the camera down and take it all in.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about the whole concept of beauty. Who decides what’s beautiful? The masses?  The individuals? And how crazy is it that it literally means something different to different people. Whether it’s a model in a magazine, a trio of palm trees, a pink sunset or the pinkest blush…”beautiful” is an idea that changes and evolves and varies between every single one of us. That is pretty special.

I’m challenging myself to rethink my own personal standard of beauty (not so much the obvious or the physical) and am hoping to spend more time appreciating the beauty around me in all aspects of life. Nature, love, physical and emotional.

It’s a deeper concept than I typically share on the blog but I’m really feeling this whole idea of diving deeper into the things we take for granted or don’t typically put as much thought into. An interesting challenge but I’m excited!

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  1. 2.28.18
    Tabitha said:

    Beautiful post! That area looks gorgeous and I love that you’re diving deeper into what you see as beautiful.


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