My Favorite: Mascara

Ladies, let’s talk about mascara. It’s no surprise by now that when it comes to my makeup routine, I like to keep things simple. If there’s one product I’ll wear every day – it’s mascara. I don’t do the false lashes or extensions (mainly because I’m terrified I’ll pull my lashes out) but when you have the perfect mascara, you don’t need all of that extra ish in my opinion.

I’ve been using the same primer + mascara duo for years and it works wonders. I am constantly getting questions about my lashes and I’m so proud to say with under $10, you can get the look, too!

The Best Primer

Every good lash starts with this stuff. I am obsessed with this lash primer you guys. It is that good. It applies white which definitely feels/looks a little strange at first but once you apply your mascara on top, your lashes will never look better. Get ready for longer-lasting, longer looking, perfect lashes!

The Longtime Favorite

I’ve used this Voluminous mascara this high school. I always have at least two tubes on hand at all times in case one runs out. It’s just really really good. I love the natural look it gives my lashes while still making them voluminous, full, long and curly. They don’t look clumpy or “fake” and it lasts all day long.

The New Contender

I started using this new Organic Wear Fake Out mascara from Physicians Formula a few months ago and am officially hooked. When I’m looking for a slightly more dramatic look, this is my new go-to. Leaves your lashes looking extra long and full without that overly fake appearance. So good.

Photos by Naomi Hopkins


  1. 10.31.19
    Becksa said:

    Hey! I found your blog through your apartment therapy tour. I used to use Voluminous mascara, and their waterproof one was pretty good too. I stopped wearing mascara regularly because I HATE taking it off, but then I discovered tubing mascara which comes off so easily. I’ve been using L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes which is pretty good, but I was wondering if you had any tubing mascara recommendations?

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