My Favorite Curly Products

Styling my short curls was WAY easier than styling this nearly shoulder-length style. I have good hair days and bad hair days and days where I just slick it back into a baby bun. I’m a work in progress and I still need to watch a few tutorials. But so is life.

It’s been about two months since I took out my faux locs and although I’m still getting used to the curls, there are definitely a few products that I love more than others. These are the products I use on the regular and stock up on every few weeks. Again – I’m no pro and definitely not in a place to do a full-on tutorial yet. BUT, when it comes to the goods, these are my favorites.

Favorite Curly Hair Products

Mixed Chicks Redefining Foam

This might just be my favorite product for curls – ever. Of all time. It’s that good. This morning after redefining foam is so good for giving those slept in, frizzy, flat curls a much-needed refresh the est day without having to do a full wash and style. I always have a few bottles of the travel-sized bottles in stock for vacations and use this stuff at least a few times a week. It’s good, y’all.


Although I don’t love the $20 price tag, the pillow-soft curls styling lotion is one of my favorite products. It’s soft and doesn’t leave my curls feeling crunchy which is a major plus. The smell is light and refreshing – even B likes using this for his little curls. This stuff works wonders for creating definition that is still soft and touchable. Love it.


Ya need a good shampoo and conditioner and the Design Essentials Almond & Avocado line is my go-to. The product is sulfate-free so your curls feel soft even when shampooing and don’t even get me started on how good the curls feel when you’re done conditioning. This stuff is just too good.


I don’t always use a leave-in conditioner (sometimes I’ll just leave in my actual conditioner), but when I do, this Pomegranate & Honey live from Mielle is my favorite. It smells delicious and helps keep my curls soft and defined.