Marrakech Travel Guide

I’ve loved reading all of your comments about the travel guides from Casablanca and Cairo! You all were so engaged during the trip and it’s so cool sharing the finished product now that we’re back. Thank you thank you thank you for all of the sweet words and feedback!

For the final part of the series, I’m so pumped to share our Marrakech Travel Guide. I’ll be honest with you guys, Cairo was unlike any other trip but Marrakech was by far my favorite city we visited. I can’t quite put into words why I loved it so much but…I did. Such a beautiful city full of culture and amazing food and charming people and gorgeous architecture and just so much more. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.

If Marrakech isn’t on your list, I highly suggest you add it immediately. And if you aren’t sold yet, keep reading for a full breakdown of all the things I loved, our itinerary and more!

Marrakech Travel Guide

Getting to Marrakech

The most popular question I get when it comes to travel is how I found cheap flights. Our tickets to Marrakech were $500 roundtrip from Atlanta. Let’s be real, sometimes a flight to LA costs more than that. How did we score such an affordable flight? I have two resources for you guys. The first is Scott’s Cheap Flights. Once you create an account (I have the free version), you can set the types of alerts you want and the frequency. For example: I get emails daily for any flight deal leaving out of Atlanta, Miami and New York. This is how we landed our $400 flights to Paris and Hawaii last year. I love Scott’s because although you have to book right away to get the deal, most flights are a little further out so you have time to plan the rest of the trip. This is a site I use more for “random” trips that we aren’t already planning.

The second site we use a TON is Skycanner. This is a great site to use if you already have your destination and a timeframe in mind. We knew we wanted to go to Marrakech for my birthday so Brandon setup alerts for a few different date options in March and April. You get an alert every time flight prices for those dates/destinations drop which is how we booked our $500 flights (at 3am one night when Brandon woke up from an email notification).

Can’t suggest these two enough especially if you love to travel but don’t want to spend thousands on flights. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $700 on an International flight!

Where we stayed

Before we even booked our flights to Morocco, I stumbled across La Sultana Marrakech on Instagram and immediately saved it to a Marrakech folder. At this point, Marrakech was still a dream of mine but I told myself if we ever visited, I would be staying here. So, the moment we booked our flights, I emailed the hotel and reserved our rooms. While it was a bit of a splurge, I could not have been more excited. (and it couldn’t have been more worth it)

The hotel is just everything you could possibly want in an oasis in the city. Located in the Old Medina, I loved that this hotel had the traditional Moroccan flare in the architecture and decor but still felt very modern and luxurious (I’m a bougie traveler – I’ll admit it lol). The hotel has several riads which are these darling courtyards so there was always somewhere to unwind and take it all in. The service was amazing – every member of the staff knew our names. The food was sooooo good and the rooftop was out of this world. Like I could have just sat on the rooftop the entire trip and been happy. Highly highly suggest staying here when you visit Marrakech – you don’t be disappointed.

Our itinerary

Day 1

5:00pm We landed in Marrakech and were immediately blown away by how gorgeous and modern the airport was. We spent a good ten minutes just taking photos before we hopped in the car service we arranged through the hotel (you also could easily call a taxi – it felt very safe)

5:20pm Arrived at La Sultana and were greeted with a traditional welcome of Moroccan tea service on the rooftop. After enjoying probably the best mint tea I’ve ever had, we popped down to our rooms to freshen up for our first night.

7:00pm If you aren’t staying at the hotel, I still suggest visiting La Sultana even if just for a cocktail on their rooftop garden. Their mojitos were out of this world – make sure you order the prickly cactus one! Oh and the cheese samosas are bombbbb.

8:30pm We celebrated my 30th birthday with dinner and drinks at Comptoir Darna. I was so glad we made a reservation first because it was packed and rightfully so. The ambiance was just breathtaking. Twinkle lights, red and gold draperies, live music, belly dancers and amazing service. Such a special place .

We started with a bottle of wine and the veggie Moroccan pizza which was nothing like an American pizza. I’ve been having dreams about this thinly crusted vegetable situation since we got home. So good. We ordered traditional tagines for our entrees and then of course ended the night with some birthday cake and a crème brulee trio.

The upstairs turns into a club/lounge a little later in the evening so you could definitely stick around for cocktails and dancing!

Day 2

7:00am We got in a nice morning workout in the rooftop gym at La Sultana. Views of the medina and birds chirping…it wasn’t a bad way to start the morning. I did the treadmill and upper body workouts featured in The Fit Guide Vol 2!

8:30am We grabbed a quick breakfast by the pool and I promise you it was the best chia seed pudding I’ve ever had. Seriously, La Sultana stepped it up in the breakfast department. The fresh squeezed OJ and chocolate croissants were the icing on the cake.

11:00am Up next was a cooking class we booked directly through the hotel. I love that they had activities we could book before we arrived. We joined another couple in the outdoor kitchen on the roof and learned how to make our very own traditional chicken tagine with a delicious roasted pepper and tomato salad. The chef walked us through each step from prep to the finishing touches. It was such a cool way to learn about one of the traditional dishes in Marrakech and then getting to taste our work (and compete a little bit) made it a truly special experience.

1:00pm After stuffing our faces we decided to take a little break by the pool and ended up passing out for an hour. I’d say it was a good afternoon.

3:00pm Freshened up and then joined our tour guide in the lobby for a walking tour of the city. This was another activity we booked through the hotel and I highly suggest looking into a private tour regardless of where you’re staying (only cost us 500 MAD i.e. about $50 USD). We wanted to get a good tour of the city without joining a large group. We chose a half day walking tour which was perfect and spent about four hours with him exploring the Old Medina, the Souks and so much more.

We visited Dar el Bacha which is a gorgeous museum in the city. We also toured Le Jardin Secret and enjoyed an espresso and French fries on the terrace.

After visiting some of the more historical parts of the city, we explored the Souks and bought a few fun treasures including a gorgeous navy silk caftan. I loved being with our own private guide because instead of being scammed by a street vendor, he was able to show us some of the more legit vendors with high quality pieces – totally came in clutch because I am horrible at negotiating or identifying a fake from something authentic lol

8:00pm Although we were pretty exhausted from walking all afternoon, we quickly showered and got changed for dinner at Buddha Bar. This place popped up in my Instagram research and while it isn’t a traditional Moroccan restaurant, I still couldn’t wait to check it out. Buddha Bar has a few locations in some other major International cities and it looked like such a cool experience. You can expect some of the best Japanese cuisine and delicious cocktails along with a super fun show. Think burlesque dancers mixed with traditional performances.

Day 3

8:00am Started the morning with a workout and then breakfast by the pool which was slowly becoming my favorite way to start every morning.

11:00am Once of the places on my list when visiting Marrakech was Scarabeo Camp. About 45 minutes outside of the city, this stone dessert oasis just looked like an Instagram dream and completely different experience than what we were getting in the bustling city. They were completely booked for an overnight stay but they offer day trips which ended up being more then perfect.

We arranged a hotel pickup and drop off through the camp and got there in no time. Once we arrived, we were welcomed with tea and had the opportunity to just relax and explore the campgrounds before lunch. Lunch was absolutely amazing – a variety of Moroccan salads with chicken kababs and yummy chocolate mousse.

After lunch we hung out in one of the lounge tents which truly looked like a living room. So cool.

And then…it was time for a camel ride! We rode camels in Cairo but this was a totally different experience. We had about a full hour of exploring the stone desert with our guide and it was so so so cool. Not only did we get an awesome view of the Atlas Mountains but we were able to just take in the peace and quiet (and of course take some awesome photos).

To be honest, I’m really glad we only did a day trip. Not because it wasn’t gorgeous and a cool place to visit but let’s be real, it’s camping outdoors. While it was definitely a luxury camping vibe, there are still bugs and I hate bugs. Just something to be aware of before you venture out to the dessert for a few nights!

7:30pm After getting back to the hotel after our day trip, we got ready for dinner at our hotel. They serve dinner in the pool area and totally transform it into this magical garden party vibe. Fresh flowers everywhere with candlelight and live music. It was such a romantic and itntimate setting. And of course the food was fantastic.

9:00pm One of the more touristy places that kept popping up on our list was Chez Ali. To be honest, we weren’t quite sure what it was but decided to check it out anyways. We arranged a pickup through the hotel because it was a little easier than taking a taxi out there (it’s about 20 minutes from the Old Medina) and I’m glad we did that because the driver was able to wait for us and leave when we were ready to go.

Once you arrive, you have the option to book tickets for dinner and the show or just the show. Since we already had dinner, we just did the VIP ticket which comes with a cocktail and then regular access to the post-dinner show.

They break the dinner/drinks into various tents and then bring live music and performers through each tent. Once dinner wraps up, everyone moves to the outdoor space for the show. Make sure you get a good seat and get ready for lots of horses, cool music, traditional dancing and attire and fireworks. It’s a quick show (maybe 15-20 minutes) but I’d say it’s definitely worth getting the experience.

Day 4

9:00am You’ll notice the days are starting later and later. We loved getting to sleep in a little more on this leg of the trip since we didn’t have as strict of an itinerary. We woke up, got in a workout and grabbed breakfast before heading out for the day.

11:00am We purchased VIP access passes for Jardin Majorelle and the YSL Museum through our hotel for about 180 MAD each ($18/each) and the passes pretty much let you skip the line. I’m not sure if every hotel does this but I highly suggest looking into it or looking online to see if they sell this special access. When we arrived around 11:15, the line was SO long. I believe they told us it was about a 3 hour wait. So yeah, get the VIP tickets if you can because it’s so worth it.

Our first stop was Jardin Majorelle which has got to be one of the most Instagram’d places in Marrakech. The garden is just stunning – and it’s huge. You really feel like you’re in this cool fairytale. So many beautiful flowers and greenery at every turn.

After the garden we went to the YSL museum which was actually really cool and right next door to Jardin Marjorelle. It’s a small exhibit but it was cool learning about Yves Saint Laurent and his journey in fashion. I’d suggest grabbing lunch or a coffee in the café as well to make a full experience out of it.

1:00pm We couldn’t wait to eat lunch at Le Salama. They have this beautiful rooftop restaurant set in a garden style with flowers and plants everywhere. So pretty and of course so great for IG. The food was amazing and the cocktails we on point. Definitely need a reservation for lunch at peak time because it was packed.

3:00pm Got back to the hotel and relaxed before our spa treatments at La Sultana. We decided to get a traditional Hammam treatment which I recommend for any and everyone visiting Morocco. You enter a small room that’s almost like a sauna with these warm stone benches. We laid down and the woman basically washes you down with warm water and black soap which smells amazing. Then they turn the steam on high and you hang in there for about ten minutes. Following the steam, you go into another room where they scrub you alllll the way down in the best possible way. Your skin is going to feel baby smooth and your body will never feel more relaxed.

That is, until you get a message which is what we did next. The massage was so good, I fell asleep almost immediately and apparently started snoring. Oops.

Whether you’re staying at the hotel or not, I promise you that you won’t regret booking a spa day at La Sultana. I’ve never felt more relaxed.

8:00pm We wrapped up our last night in Marrakech with dinner at The Red House. This traditional style restaurant was so intimate and perfect in every way. The live music set the mood and the food was incredible.


In case you missed it, checkout my Cairo Travel Guide and Casablanca Travel Guide. You can also catch all of my latest adventures here. From travel guides to travel tips, consider this the ultimate resource for all things #laurelytravels.


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