Let’s Get Physical…At Home

Okay first of all – today’s photos might just be my favorite of all time. Hannah crushed it and my boo stepped in to help me bring this fun vision to life – how did I NOT know Brandon knew how to use photoshop????

Second. Raise your hand if you have those days where you just canNOT make it to the gym. Me, about three days a week. I love a good weight training day but sometimes all I need is a quick home workout I can knock out in the morning before getting my day started. I’ve shared some of my favorite home workouts with newsletter subscribers and The Fit Guide Vol. 1 has over 50 workouts you can do from the comfort of your own living room – you could say I love a good sweat sesh at home which is what brings me to today’s post.

I’ve been making it more of a priority to balance home and gym life and while I don’t have a home gym just yet (fingers crossed end of this year I can make it happen), I’ve started stocking up on a few essentials to make home workouts a little more effective. Whether you’re like me and love to work out in front of your latest Netflix binge or just want some options when you can’t do a gym day, these are the FIVE things you need to create the perfect home gym.


I have a set of 5, 10 and 15lb dumbbells and they are the piece of equipment I use the most. For upper body days, lower body moves and even some core work – you can’t go wrong with a great pair of dumbbells.


Working out with a kettlebell is still new to me but I love using this for leg workouts and full body moves like kettlebell swings, squat to shoulder press and narrow squat ab twists.


You know I swear by a good booty band workout. So great for leg and glute moves – a little resistance is all you need to get in a good pump.


I love a bosu ball for core work. Try planks, seated ab twists or give your arms a good workout with elevated push ups. This is also a great tool for leg days – think squats, static lunges and alternating step ups.


Now this step is perfect for HIIT and lower body days. Pop in an aerobics style workout DVD (or search on YouTube) or try alternating jumps and squats for a great workout.


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Photos by Hannah Lozano


  1. 6.27.19
    Cathy said:

    Hi Lauren, I’m really fascinated about your blog with the different topics. Perhaps you can give me a fitness workout care tip for my workout shoes? I hate wearing socks and so I always wear my workout shoes on bare feet. Do you have a tip for me that my shoes don’t get too smelly? Best regard, Cathy

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