3 Tips for a GREAT Night’s Sleep

Am I the only one that could truly use a good night’s sleep? I’ve always been a fan of sleep. I’m a solid 8 hours kind of girl. But just because I can sleep for eight hours doesn’t always mean it’s a good night’s rest. Since returning from Italy, I’ve been putting a little extra focus on getting some better sleep so I’m more productive the next day and can hopefully avoid that long afternoon nap which usually throws off my entire day.

I’ve been putting the following steps to test and I’m actually excited to say the past few nights have been a success. Check ’em out and let me know if you’re down to try one or if you have a few tips of your own to catch those zzzzzz’s!

Tip No. 1

Try morning workouts. As much as I dread waking up at 6am – on days that I get in an early sweat session are the nights that I feel like I get the greatest sleep. By the time 10pm rolls around, I’m DONE and can sleep all the way through the night. This might not be for everyone and I’ve also heard folks say evening workouts put them to sleep easier – so try out both to see what works for you. But either way, I’m confident that getting in 4-5 workouts a week will definitely help you sleep better!

Tip No. 2

Put your phone in another room. Jessica told me about this a few months ago and I never really tried it. Until I did and now my life has changed. Whether you can put your phone in an entirely different room or just turn it off while it’s on the charger next to you, going to sleep without mindlessly scrolling through Instagram is sure to help you sleep better. Now, I like to fall asleep reading a book or watching a movie with Brandon.

Tip No. 3

Invest in some cool jammies. I’ll admit it, I don’t always wear pjs. I love a good au natural situation. But let’s be real, sometimes there’s a temperature struggle when you’re living with someone else. One likes it hot, and one likes it freezing. I spend half the night tucked under the covers and half of the night sticking a few limbs on tops. I started sleeping in my new Soma Intimates Cool Nights Pajamas and actually LOVE wearing them now. They keep my skin feeling cool so I can stay under the covers without getting too hot. And if Brandon rips the covers off (which he almost always does), I still have something on to keep my cozy.


Photos by Hannah Lozano.


  1. 6.25.19

    Great tips, especially the one about working out. I always sleep better if I’ve worked out that day. I’ll have to start working out earlier in the day now.


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