Workshoppin’ It

If you follow along on IG, you saw that Mae, Sabrina and I hosted a super fun workshop at Sugarloaf Mills this past weekend. Y’all. It was a blast. We talked all things blogging, Instagram, content and storytelling and even shared a little about what got each of us started and where we are today. The best part? We somehow managed to do all of this in an hour. Whew.

When Sugarloaf Mills (a local shopping mall) asked us to come together to host a workshop for fellow boss babes, you know I couldn’t resist. There is SO much to learn when it comes to blogging. I mean, I am still learning new info every day. To have the opportunity (to even be asked) to share our knowledge and experiences was such an honor. And we ran with it.

Sabrina, Mae and I pulled together a workshop that covered the basics of blogging (like how to get started, the must-haves for every blogger toolkit, etc.), the importance of branding and how to set yourself apart, how to totally win at Instagram and so much more. It was a whirlwind of a morning but it was so great to meet aspiring bloggers and offer as much wisdom as we could. It also gave me an opportunity to refocus on some of the things that are truly important when it comes to being a successful blogger and brand. In a market that is SO saturated, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and “small”. Getting to connect with these ladies and present some of the skills and best practices we’ve acquired over the past few years was really humbling and refreshing!

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FIND YOUR NICHE. We all can’t be fashion & lifestyle bloggers. What unique perspective can you offer? What sets you apart from other bloggers? Why should someone read your blog instead of Sara’s or Nicole’s? Be as specific as possible while still staying relevant to evolving audiences.

DEVELOP YOUR BRAND. Now that you have your “unique” figured it out, how do you want to be portrayed to your audience? Your brand identity should include your logo, fonts, color palette + textures, content moodboard, tone + voice, key messaging and mission statement. Use this as your bible when creating content, pitching brands, accepting partnerships, etc. Your brand is KEY.

PREPARE YOUR TOOLKIT. Your toolkit is a combination of apps, documents, equipment and more that helps you in the business of blogging. Every blogger needs a media kit + rate card, contract template + invoice template, photo editing software, social media engagement + scheduling platform and a camera (DSLR or digital – you don’t have to break the bank). And the list goes on.

MAKE THAT MONEY. Now that you’re setup and ready to go the next big thing is turning your creative outlet into a source of income. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. While sponsored posts and brand collaborations are huge, don’t forget about affiliate marketing, ad space, event hosting, offering unique services+ products (think photography, e books, branded swag, etc.) and other revenue streams.

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W  H  A  T  I  W  O  R E


Truth time. Whenever I have a panel or speaking opp, 99 times out 100 you’ll find me in a blazer. Nick and Mae even bet on the act that I’d wear one for Saturday’s workshop – and I obviously did. There’s just something about a crisp blazer that totally ups the credibility factor #amiright?! It also dresses up my go to ripped jeans which allows me to both comfy and BOSS AF.

Shop the look!