How would you describe yourself?

Can I tell you guys something? I love posts like this. They might not be considered “helpful” but I think it’s kind of fun to take a break from resource-style content and use this platform to connect with you on an entirely different level. Which, let’s be real, making that personal connection with you guys is my absolute favorite thing ever. Y’all rock.

So why am I doing this, specifically? I spent a few hours the other day listing out the words I would use to describe my blog. I’m fine-tuning content and making a few shifts strategically and wanted to hone in on what my “brand” was all about. Here’s what I came up with:

Self-love | Storytelling | Creativity | Relatable | Empowering

When I think of my purpose as a blogger, these are the words that I want to shine through the most. I refer to these words as I write blog posts. I refer to these words as I plan photoshoots. I refer to these words whenever I’m feeling stuck.

This little exercise got me thinking. How would I describe ME? Not just the brand but Lauren Price, the person behind the brand. What are the words I should refer to when I’m feeling stuck personally? What are the words I should refer to when I’m making life decisions? What are the words that I connect with as a person?

These words aren’t an excuse to brag but they are a reason to acknowledge our favorite qualities and celebrate the heck out of them. Forget “flaws” (hate that word). Let’s point of the kickass stuff instead.

I’m Determined.

Probably my favorite trait and it’s one that I get from my dad. He just might be the most hard-working, determined man I know. I grew up watching him hustle in his career while also being the true definition of an entrepreneur. He ran his own business, thrived in his career and had a bevy of part-time jobs (I kid you not he worked at a movie theater when I was in high school just so we could go to the movies for free. Like…what?!).

This has definitely played a huge role in my own business sense but I feel like my determination goes pretty far beyond that. My mom has always said that when I set my mind to something, I get it done. I never really realized that until recently. I wanted to become a personal trainer – and I did it. I wanted to work in DC – done. I wanted to blog full time – I’m doing it. I wanted to decorte our home in one month – dare I say, crushed it?

Lots of hard work and setting my eyes on something – and I feel really proud that I get to pull this part of my dad into everything I do.

I’m Vulnerable.

Truth be told, I’m emotional. All of the time. I wear my feelings on my sleeve 100%. I cry for what feels like no reason – and it’s truly uncontrollable (just ask Brandon). But I love this part of me. I love that I can be vulnerable and open up. I don’t have many boundaries and I think it’s part of the reason that I can also love super hard.

I think it’s a lot harder to be vulnerable than to put up a shell but I think it’s also hard to deal with the consequences. Sometimes you’re judged for being too emotional or “weak” and that’s a little tough. But I don’t think I’d change this part of me for anything.

It’s the thing that helps me open up to you guys and talk about topics like break ups and my eating disorder. I know that by sharing my own story there’s a chance even just one of you can relate and that is such an amazing thing to me.

I’m Awkward.

Ugh. SO awkward. I’m usually an extrovert but also feel super uncomfortable in certain situations. It takes me a while to open up to new people and I have definitely done lots of awkward hellos and goodbyes at parties. I don’t know where it comes from because I love people – but I truly put my foot in my mouth like 80% of the time or completely stutter over my words.

Don’t even get me started on hugs and affection. Even B gets on to me about my lack of cuddling. I try! But I’m not a hugger. Like at all. My friends in high school still make fun of me for what was by far my most awkward hug in life…

But I also sort of love this about me. My awkwardness allows for lots of goofy behavior and I freaking love just being able to be goofy and weird without feeling weird about it – if that makes any sense at all.

So. Now it’s your turn. What 3 words would you use to describe YOU? Drop them in the comment below if you’re comfortable to just jot them down on a post it.

Photo by Naomi Hopkins