For the Girl That’s Not Perfect…and a Little Messy

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So, funny story. I had Shelby over a few weeks to get some shots of my new Hoover Carpet Cleaner in action (more on that below) and we decided to setup a few “staged” shots to walk you through the process. What we did not plan on was me actually spilling coffee on my newly cleaned rug. Let me explain.

I live in a loft full of hardwood floors. To be honest I’m not really fan of the finish but that’s neither here nor there. To break up the wood and add some much need character to the otherwise pretty neutral space, I added this blue and cream/greige rug to my living area. I love the colors and how it goes perfectly with my tan couch and slightly modern meets rustic decor. What I do not love is how insanely dirty it gets. I never realized it until I actually cleaned it but, woah. When The Home Depot asked meto take the Hoover PowerDash for a spin, I couldn’t wait. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is not in my budget so taking the DIY approach was right up my alley.

Fast forward to photo shoot day – I had already cleaned my rug and it was looking brand new. We captured a ton of shots with the Hoover carpet cleaning solutions in action and even wanted to setup a few “hey, look at me just lounging on my rug because it’s so clean now” shots. And then, the spill happened. In true me fashion, I knocked over my glass almost immediately. I can’t make this stuff up. Brandon always teases me about how messy clumsy I am, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. I literally cannot go one meal with spilling. So, as soon as the glass tipped, we took a few photos (obviously, the stain was picture perfect) and then I plugged my PowerDash in for a quick clean.

I mean, I couldn’t believe how it just sucked out the stain. I was already impressed by how much cleaner my rug looked from just standard wear and tear but to see a little spot treatment in action, I was floored (no pun intended). The best part for me was realizing you don’t have to hire a professional to get your place in the right shape for spring cleaning!

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Tips for DIY Carpet Cleaning

one. It’s all about the equipment. Surprise, before now, I didn’t have my own carpet cleaner. I actually just bought a vacuum a few weeks ago. I realized after this much needed clean (and stain removal) that having the PowerDash and the 64 oz. 2X Deep Clean MAX 3-in-1 Carpet Solution on hand was my saving grace.
two. Don’t be afraid to DIY. Feel totally empowered and get the tough cleaning done all on your own.
three. Make the deep clean a priority. Until now, I’ve never cleaned my rugs. Gross. I now want to do this once a month! 

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I still can’t believe the before and after of the stain. Don’t even get me started on how much better my rug looked after a regular cleaning! I couldn’t wait to back over some of my other throw and area rugs throughout my apartment. The one under my bed was not looking good. There might have been a few wine stains…but not anymore!

pro tip: always take a before & after photo. seeing the progress in action totally makes me want to clean more!


Photos by Shelby Gordon 

This post was written in collaboration with The Home Depot. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Lauren Elyce possible! 


  1. 3.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I’m with you though about the messy part lol. I’m always spilling or knocking something over, and I pretty much avoid wearing white of having white in my home. That carpet cleaner looks amazing and definitely something i need about now for the rugs that I own.


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