Holiday Road Trip Ready

This post is sponsored by Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own

Not only are we just a few short weeks away from Christmas but we are in the middle of one of my favorite times of the year: road trip season! I’ll never forget hopping in the car with my parents during the holidays and driving all around the country to visit family. From Chicago to Pittsburgh to Houston to Phoenix, we did it all. At the time, I was just a kid so I all I remember is eating cold fried chicken and playing with flashcards in the backseat. Now, nearly twenty years later, all I can think about is the whole “driving” of it all. That’s adulting for you. 

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Autotrader offers reliable resources to make car buying feel EASY. From relieving in-dealership stress (we’ve all been there) to leveraging Kelley Blue Book to provide price transparency, Autotrader offers less anxiety. And when it comes to the holiday season, I think it’s safe to say we all need a little less stress in our lives. 

Whether you’re in search of a new ride or just looking for a few tips to make your holiday travel easier, Autotrader has your back.

And if you’re looking for the best cars for holiday road tips, this article is for you.

Whether you’re going far (I will NEVER forget that 18 hour drive in 2006) or staying local (can we still call 45 minutes+ a road trip?), Autotrader has all of the resources to put our minds at ease. From helpful articles, tips and advice to the PERFECT “Joy to the Road” gift box, get ready to say buh-bye to stressful holiday travel. 

To be honest, I cannot wait for B and I to take our box on the road this season. Full with everything you need to make memories, the “Joy to the Road” gift box is about to be our new best friend. The perfect polaroid camera for capturing memories. Wireless headphones for jamming to festive holiday hits. The coziest hat and socks to snuggle up in the backseat with. And so MUCH MORE! 

Ready to take the road less (or in this case – MOST traveled) this holiday season, check out some of my go to road trip tips below! 

  1. Make a playlist: you can’t go wrong with a predetermined list of awesome tunes to jam to while you’re stuck in traffic. 
  2. Know your role: I don’t love driving so I know I’m always the dedicated DJ, gas pumper and snack passer. B is the driver and navigator. I think it’s important to understand your “role” and the role(s) of whoever you’re traveling with. Discuss and decide before you hop in the car so it makes the ride go much smoother. 
  3. Pack the necessities in a small bag to keep in the front seat. Think phone chargers, contact lenses, medicine, etc. No need to ruffle through the trunk or unpack everything to grab that one thing you need. I like to keep all of the important stuff where it’s easy to grab. 

And if you need more, check out Autotrader for more Holiday Road Trip Tips!