His & Her Style With Trunk Club

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I am seriously excited to share today’s post with you guys. I have been dying to get #FashionablyBae on the blog for a while now and have been patiently waiting to not only convince him to join me in some photos but also to find the perfect opportunity to show off his unique personal style that I love. In comes Trunk Club.

I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to working with personal shoppers or clothing subscription services mainly because I’m so protective of my style and pretty much the pickiest person alive. When I got the opportunity to work with Trunk Club, I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself and share with all of you.

Long story short, Trunk Club is a personal styling service for men and women, perfect for folks who are short on time, looking for guidance from a stylist, or for the guys & girls out there who are looking to try a new way of shopping for clothes. Most importantly, they are NOT a subscription service (which means no subscription fees!). They started out as a mens fashion service and more recently brought on their womens styling services. What I love most about Trunk Club is that B and I, as a couple, can go through the personal styling and shopping services together and plan for all of our upcoming holiday parties. As much as I love shopping for myself and even Brandon at times, this time of year is so hectic that I end up finding random stuff online and then absolutely hating the way it fits. We each worked with Kelsey our stylist, to handpick pieces that both met the needs of our holiday schedules and aligned with our personal style. We gave her all of our sizing info, some insight into the pieces we’re drawn to the most, what we need more of/have too much of and shared a few other style tidbits like our favorite colors, patterns, style influencers and more. After that, she pulled together a pretty robust profile for each of us and then got to work on pulling pieces to include in our trunk. We got to review each selection before it’s packaged up and shipped which I really loved. Like I said before, I am super picky about my clothes and Brandon is even pickier (don’t tell him I said that). Although both of us made a few changes and went through some revisions to our trunks, we were really pleased with the process and Kelsey’s patience in curating the perfect collection of items for each of us – no easy task.

Once our goods arrived, we each tried on the pieces Kelsey picked out and I knew right away we had some winners. I specifically told Kelsey how much I’d been dying to try the silk scarf trend and how I needed some good dress options for Friendsgiving and a few other parties. I fell in love with the navy & neutral silk scarf she sent and was obsessed with this strappy LBD. I also kept a gorgeous striped Vince Camuto dress that will be perfect for everything from the office to Thanksgiving. Brandon was looking for a statement blazer, some fun ties and a new pair of shoes he could wear to the office. He loved this blue blazer and ended up keeping these really cool camel loafers. We both thought the price range of our items were great and although some of the pieces were a little more expensive, we were able to find some things within our budget that could carry us throughout the holiday season.

All in all, I think this is such a great service for getting those more curated looks for parties or special events. Brandon likes the idea of using Trunk Club to help find more quality pieces to build up his professional wardrobe. Although we had two slightly different objectives with the curated trunks, it was really cool to both use the service and go through the process together. So whether you’re a couple looking to do some shopping or you’re just in need of some new pieces to amplify your closet this season, definitely consider checking out Trunk Club. If you’ve already experienced it for yourself or are planning to try it soon, please let me know – happy to share any tips or advice from our first trunk experience. And I’m already thinking of working with Kelsey on picking out some goodies for NYE!


This post was written in collaboration with Trunk Club. Thank you for supporting the brand that keep Fashionably Lo’s doors open!


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