Five Thoughts I Had This Week | Vol. 1


Well friends. I eluded to this a little bit last week but things are changing about around here. I know – what’s new. I feel like I’m always making changes or evolving or rebranding or something. But that’s okay! This isn’t a huge change but I am approaching posts and content a little differently.

In addition to the weekly newsletter (picking back up tomorrow so make sure you’re subscribed), I’ll be doing three main pieces of content on the blog each week plus a kitchen-sink type of post to wrap up the week every Thursday. I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I was starting to feel a little burned out with content. I was just pushing stuff out so I could say I did four posts every week. Some posts we great. Some were crap. So, I made the decision to cut back a little without sacrificing content for you guys.

Starting this week you’ll get three meatier pieces of content Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday plus the meatiest of content via the Friday newsletter. Additionally, Thursdays will be reserved for random thoughts I had throughout the week which should be an interesting combination of “what the f&$%, Lauren” and “hey, I can totally relate”. We’ll see how it goes and if you hate it, we’ll change it. But I hope that’s not the case!

Anyways, on to the first post in this new random ass series.


“Woah. My body is really starting to change”.

Earlier this week I shared a post on some of the progress I’ve made. As of today, I’m 11 pounds down and I feel sexy AF. My body has really changed over the past five, almost six weeks. It’s crazy because that’s not a lot of time at all. Less than two months. But I’ve changed my diet and my workouts. I’ve started doing more weight training (with weights and body weight) as opposed to all cardio and I am actually still losing fat and building healthy, lean muscle. I think I spotted the beginning stages of an ab this morning. Hell yeah!


“Speaking of, I can’t beleive I haven’t had pasta in FIVE weeks.”


If you know me, this is HUGE. I was a fan of the pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan. I about died from happiness in Italy. But with my meal plan, I clearly cannot follow those same principles. I fully plan on incorporating pasta into my diet once I feel like I’ve adopted healthier habits long term but in the meantime, I’ve been doing carrot spirals and spaghetti squash. I had some cravings in the first few weeks but now I don’t crave it as much and that’s something I want to celebrate!

Check out some of my fave pasta alternatives here. 


” I want to be Tracee Ellis Ross. Like right now.”

I don’t know if you follow her on Instagram but if you don’t you should. She is hilarious, beautiful, inspiring, a total boss and well just everything I look for in a total girl crush. Her body is SICK and I love all of the behind the scenes moments she posts on Stories. Her workouts motivate me and her funny commentary about her spa regime keeps me entertained when I should be sleeping. She’s great. Follow her.


“I need to save money and stop living like I’m Beyonce.”

Okay so this might be an exaggeration. I’m definitely not currently living like Beyonce. But sometimes I think my subconscious gets the best of me and I just spend my money on things I don’t need. We’re in the process of moving into a new house which means renovations, moving costs, new furniture, etc. and for some reason I can’t stop booking trips, buying hot pants for Ibiza and ordering Chopt for lunch every day. If anyone has any good tips or apps for saving/keeping track of money please send help!


Do I not like chicken anymore??

This is so random but lately, I just haven’t really been into chicken unless it’s fried. I mean, obviously fried chicken tastes better. But in all seriousness, I’ve made chicken a few times a few different ways the past few months or so and I just can’t get myself to eat it. I don’t feel sick or anything, I just don’t love the way it tastes. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you guys have tips or recipes to help me change it up? Please let me know!



  1. 7.12.18
    ceecee said:

    I recommend you look into Clever Girl Finance, she does personal finance coaching targeted specifically towards women especially entrepreneurs.
    She also has a lot of great articles that you can learn from but it sounds like you need some guidance.
    You’re young, get your financial life in order early so you won’t have a hard time when you get older.

  2. 7.12.18
    Donna said:

    Consider an air fryer for healthy fried chicken.

  3. 7.13.18
    Kat said:

    I feel the same way about chicken! Like zero appetite to eat it at all. I haven’t tried new ways to cook it I’ve just been avoiding it haha!

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