Bikini Body i.e. EVERY Body

The topic of today’s post is one that has been on my mind for a pretty long time. It’s also not a new concept. But I still feel the need to put pen to paper, or I guess fingers to keyboard, and share my take on it.

For years, we as women have put all of this effort into getting that perfect bikini body. As if there is only one type of body meant to wear a bikini. By the way, who the EFF came up with this???? Honestly though, I was fully following that ideal until recently. I thought I needed a thigh gap, defined abs, toned arms, and a lifted but small but round booty. Does that look good? Sure. But guess what else looks good? Curvy thighs, wide hips, arm jiggle, cellulite, stretch marks, a small chest, etc. We’re finally starting to get away from identifying one look as the look. Slowly.

I love that over the past year or so the conversation has started to heavily shift towards inclusion and celebrating all body types. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pushing myself to workout more and eat better because I want to make changes to my body. I’ll be honest, I didn’t feel like I was at my healthiest internally or externally. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be healthy. The slippery slope comes into play when you’re trying to change your body to look like someone else or fit into unrealistic standards.

Every single woman – well surprise, we are all different. Our genetics, our body shapes, our body types. All of it. Just because I do two a days and eliminate cheese fries doesn’t mean I will EVER get my body to resemble someone who doesn’t naturally have a curvy shape. And that’s okay.

All of this brings me to my point. No matter where you are in your health journey. No matter if you are a size 0 or a size 14. No matter if you have an athletic shape or a curvy build. No matter if you have abs or stretch marks. Girls, we all have bikini bodies. How dare someone tell me or you or her that our bodies aren’t meant to kick ass in a bikini.

Now, you might already be on board with this and if you are, go girl! But I’ll be real, it took me some time to feel this way about myself. Maybe my mind has started to shift as I’ve seen my body change over the past few weeks. Maybe I’m starting to appreciate my body no matter the ups and downs. But let me tell you, I’ve never felt sexier than I do right now and I want all of us to feel that.

So, whether you needed a reminder or were looking for your own breakthrough, I hope you know that YOUR body is a bikini body. If you rock that confidence (even if you gotta pull it out from deep inside), you’re gonna crush it. If you want to make some changes to feel healthier, go for it without feeling you’re selling out. If you feel like you already got that banging body (which let’s be real, I think we all sorta do already), then pull out that stringy two-piece and head to the pool.

Say it with me…


And in case you needed another reason to shop, I thought I’d round up a few bikinis that I know will look HOT AF on all of us this season. Whether you love the high waisted look, a high cut (me!), super skimpy or a little more coverage, I guarantee we are all going to crush the next pool party.



  1. 7.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I absolutely love the message in this! I can’t tell you how many women I see or know that will starve themselves or beat themselves up because they aren’t skinny enough. We need more messages like this, especially to our younger women, to reverse this toxic body mindset society has placed on us.


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