Chic AF Swimsuits Under $100

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Y’all. Summer is here. Get ready for beach getaways, pool days, spa weekends, sun bathing on the balcony…the list goes on and I don’t hate it.

All you need is the sun, a good SPF and a chic AF swimsuit. I have found that my personal style when it comes swimswear has totally evolved ove the past year or so. In the past, I was all about bold & bright, cheeky patterns, even cheekier fits and the occasional neon situation. I didn’t necessarily care about finding good quality or material or even the cut and how it made me feel.

That has changed big time.

Now, I’m all about chic suits that make you feel and look good but that don’t also cost an arm and a leg. I live for black on pieces, classic prints and materials that are equally flattering but still cost-effective.

To get us all in the summer swim spirit, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite chic swimsuits under $100 to take on your next getaway, beach day or pool party. So, without further ado….

A few tips:
  • Consider a dark shade. You can’t go wrong with black, navy or even a hunter green.
  • Don’t be afraid of “boring” neutrals. The contrast to a good dark hue is a classic white or beige bikini. Both would look great against a bronzed bod and you can easily mix and match.
  • Have fun with prints but don’t go too crazy. Think stripes, polka dots or a trendy palm print. Go with patternsthat aren’t super busy – so bigger/thicker styles and a more neutral color palette like black and white.
  • Keep it super classic with a high thigh cut or thick waist bank. I also love a high waist bikini or chic bardot/off shoulder fit.

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Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 5.10.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post and tips! The older I get the more I find myself searching for classic, solid colored pieces rather than flashy, trendy suits. I love yours and how sexy and classic it is.


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