My Latest Amazon Buys & Staple Purchases

I’m not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I have a slight Amazon problem. Okay, well maybe a little. When you start to hope your husband isn’t working from home on the day your Amazon delivery is scheduled, I think that might be a small indicator of that you’ve made one too many purchases. But, can’t stop won’t stop.

I literally get everything from Amazon. Household essentials, restock of beauty supplies, all things baby & pregnancy & postpartum, random tech things for Brandon, affordable workout clothes & loungewear – and everything in between. Also, I should point out this post is in no way sponsored by Amazon BUT if anyone has a contact, hook a girl up.

I try to share my favorite purchases in real time on Instagram but I realized over the weekend that there are ton of things I buy on a regular basis that some of you might also be interested in. I’ve also grabbed a few things recently that are new favorites so I thought I’d round up everything and put it in one place. So let’s dive in.

Amazon Staples

These are some of the staples we purchase on a regular basis. Think monthly or when we run out. They are tried and trusted in our household so I have a good feeling you’ll love!


Latest Purchases from Amazon

Some of my recent purchases that I love so far – and keep buying more of.