Curating the Perfect Fall Wardrobe: Luxe for Less

When it comes to fall, I find myself feeling totally hopeless sometimes. I’m not really sure what happens but somewhere between the previous season and summer, I literally can’t seem to track down any of my fall pieces. I’m almost positive I end up just tossing stuff in the donation pile when trying to make room for summer but I always regret this come September. If you’re anything like me or if you just want to grab some new pieces for fall without totally breaking the bank, I have some great news for you. H&M.

And before you ask – this is not a sponsored post. Here’s why. If you’re not already a fan of H&M, get ready to fall in love. I have been shopping here for a few years now and can’t stop won’t stop. I love that their prices are super affordable and the quality is even better. Unlike most budget-friendly retailers, H&M does a really great job of tackling the top trends and pairing them with high quality materials and fabrics.

I had the opportunity to visit their showroom when I was in New York for Fashion Week and loved getting to check out the latest arrivals for fall. I scooped up this silk, blush dress along with a few other fun goodies I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks – all things I can add to my fall wardrobe. And all of this got me thinking: what do I usually look for when curating a fall wardrobe that looks luxe but doesn’t come with the high price tag? Honestly, my favorite thing about fall is all of the layering, heavier pieces and cool textures but sometimes those things can break the bank. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get your fall wardrobe where it needs to be this season.

Check out a few of my favorite tips and trends below along with all of the items on my fall wishlist!

NO 1. INVEST IN NEUTRALS: This might sound like an obvious one but I love stocking up on tans, greys,navys and black for fall. They serve as the perfect base for building out your cool-weather wardrobe and you can usually find pieces that don’t cost a ton. Save the dough for those fun accent pieces!

NO 2. GO WITH VERSATILE LAYERS: As much as I love a leopard print coat, sometimes they aren’t quite as practical. When looking for great layering pieces, opt for a more classic style like grey wool or a wrap coat. You also can’t go wrong with a leather jacket or chunky knits in a more neutral color (tan) or pattern (stripes).

NO 3. DON’T BE AFRAID OF TEXTURES: The best way to break up your neutrals and classic colors is by incorporating more texture. Think leather, silk, fur, etc. Throwing on a ribbed midi skirt with a silk button up and wool coat – talk about luxe.

NO. 4 STOCK UP ON DRESSES: If you’re anything like me, cooler temps tend to also mean comfier clothes. Sometimes, that doesn’t necessarily mean dresses BUT I’ve been incorporating them more and more into my fall wardrobe and I don’t hate it. Go for slinkier fits, longer maxis, sweater/textures, etc. Instead of pairing your new dress with heels, try booties or a cool pair of adidas. Throw on a jacket and you’re all set for fall.


Photos by Kaye McCoy