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If you’re anything like me, bikini season snuck up on you and you’ve been busting your butt in the gym/kitchen for the past week and half. Well, I have some pretty awesome news for you – Slimfast is jumping in to save the day with their 14 days to Slim Challenge. Yes, you read that right. In just 14 days you can lose up to 6 pounds. So whether you’re trying to widdle down that middle for swimsuit season or looking to get in better shape overall, I promise this is the perfect tool for you.

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For me, there are two very important things when it comes to trying new products to better boost my health. Convenience and taste. I have tried a variety of shakes, juices, workouts, etc. and if they were too much drama or tasted like “health food”, I couldn’t make it last. Slimfast just rolled out a limited edition Pina Colada shake and it is amazing! It tastes just like the real deal and offers you enough  protein for one meal – win, win in my eyes. Even better? The smaller bottles make it super easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Drop a few in your purse or lunch bag and you’re good to go.  In addition to having a Slimfast shake for breakfast in the morning when I’m getting ready, I also  like drinking them right after a workout.


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I think with any supplement or shake, it’s so important to still incorporate fitness and nutrition into your daily routine. I love anything cardio related – spin classes, hip-hop and my go-to elliptical – and try to get in a 45-60 minute workout at least 4 days a week. I’ve also really tried focusing on what I put into my body. The Slimfast protein shake is the perfect way to add that extra protein to your diet while still pretending your getting dessert. I like to down mine after a veggie-heavy salad or with my banana and iced almond milk latte in the morning.
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And now for the fun part – Slimfast is hosting  a 14 days to Slim Challenge Sweepstakes on the Slimfast Facebook page, May 12th through May 27th.  There will be TWO $5,000 grand prize winners, given a gift card to a specific retailer or a Visa/Amex gift card!
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I love that the Slimfast® 14 Days to Slim program is both super convenient  and (most importantly) delicious way to lose up to lose 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Talk about that extra motivation or push to keep on going!

So what do we think? Are you up to the challenge? Are you looking to take that extra step to getting in great shape this summer?

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  1. 5.20.14
    Zhenya said:

    I have nothing against Slim Fast, but let’s be honest here – 6 lbs is almost nothing, you get your period and boom you are 6 lbs heavier. Eating right and working out is key! Try Skinny Docs! Delicious recipes, a Facebook Support group and it’s free! I know you are probably not looking to lose weight, but if someone who reads comments is, it will be helpful!

  2. 5.20.14
    Sania Wasif said:

    Nice tips !!

  3. 5.20.14
    caitlyn said:

    I used to drink slimfast in high school and college and I was skinny at the time. But I cnt replace a meal with a drink… it’s just not for me…. I could possibly do it for breakfast. Keep up the good work, u look great!

  4. 5.20.14
    Christina C said:

    I had a teacher in Elementary school who would drink slimfast with her lunch and wondered why she never lost weight! 🙂

  5. 5.20.14
    Claire D said:

    I wish I could become slim in 14 days! Unfortunately, I would have to buy years of this stuff in order to get there. But I do love pina colada. So maybe I’ll buy some as a breakfast option on days where I need to grab and go.

  6. 5.21.14
    MeryeBeth Albert said:

    I like the Slim Fast diet; I really find it difficult to stick to, though.

  7. 5.21.14
    Tara said:

    I definitely agree that they actually taste good compared to other diet-based shakes.


  8. 5.31.14
    illyjunus said:

    I never tried the Slimfast shakes before, since i taste other shakes and found not liking it at all, will try to look for the Slimfast and give it a go. Need to loose weight too

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