Why It’s Okay to Be a Work in Progress

Planning is a funny thing. Like for example, I originally planned to share a recap of Whole 30 this week. You know, a before & after photo, some of my highlights, some of my challenges, how I overcame those challenges, etc. Well guys…I didn’t make it to day thirty. If I’m being 100% candid – I didn’t make it past day five. And that’s a hard thing to type because that means I failed.

I’m learning more and more that sometimes it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to still be a damn work in progress.

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Let me give you a little background. A little over a month ago, I wrote up a huge post on why I was starting Whole 30 again. You can read the full post here. For the most part, I was looking for a little structure to help get me back on track to a healthier me. I started off strong. Did a HUGE grocery haul. Meal prepped and froze snacks for two weeks. I even started doing two a day work outs. After day four, I just stopped. Out of nowhere. I didn’t have a cheat meal and then put everything on pause until the next week. I didn’t take a few days off and easy my way back into it. I literally just woke up the next day and wasn’t doing it anymore.

Maybe I was starting too quickly and going from 0 to 100. Maybe my heart wasn’t in it. Maybe I needed some extra motivation. Whatever the reason, I just sorta failed. And I beat myself up pretty much every day. Every day I wasn’t going to a spin class or eating one of the frozen meals I had stored away, I just felt like complete shit.

That changed recently. Before I get into it, I’m not here to say that we should start giving up on #allthethings and getting totally lazy. But I have come to realize that, surprise, I’m not perfect and I’m going to constantly be a work in progress. Sometimes that means failing at something or realizing you could have done something 100x better.  Sometimes that means starting over or setting new goals. And hello, that’s O-K.


So what am I working on right now? Finding the motivation to prioritize my health. I only get one body and I don’t treat it the way I should. But no amount of IG “fit-stagrams” or diets or free workout classes are going to get me there. Lauren (that’s me) is the only one that can do it – and that’s what I’m working towards. So I’m starting out slow. I’m trying to eat a few Whole30 compliant or healthier meals each day. I’m planning to get in 3-4 workouts each week. I’m trying to keep my confidence up and put myself first in all things mental, emotional and physical. I’m giving myself short term goals that I can work towards and then celebrating the wins.

And guess what, I’ll probably fail or fall down a few times along the way but DAMN do I feel so much better knowing that it’s okay to still be that work in progress.

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This is something I’m trying to apply to all aspects of my life. My health is a focus, but my blog and business are two things that can tend to get me alllll the way down. Comparison is a fickle bee-yotch and so is not making as much money as you’d hope for. But guess what, I am still growing every. single. day. And that’s exciting. Fingers crossed I never peak and stop growing. My blog. My business. My relationships. They’re all a work in progress and I’ve never been more excited about that means for the future than I am right NOW.

So cheers to not being perfect and working on ourselves 24/7, ladies !





  1. 11.9.17
    Ashley said:

    It’s so tough to find that balance, right? I feel like it takes a LOT of effort just to see the tiniest of results, which can impact morale. But damn right, lady, being a work in progress is A-OKAY and where all of us find ourselves. Loved this!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. 11.9.17
    Tabitha said:

    Yes! I needed to hear this this morning! I think often times people, and ourselves, put a lot of pressure to be perfect and to stick something out no matter the torture. While I agree that we don’t need to give up in terms of bettering ourselves and growing, I think the process of how is always evolving. It’s okay to know when something doesn’t work for us like we hoped or to know when to stop regardless of that pressure. Your’e doing great! We are all a work in process, haha.


  3. 11.9.17
    Lauren said:

    Love this!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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