Work From Home & Zoom Outfit Ideas

Okay. I’m a little late to the game on this one but better late than never, right? To be honest, when it comes to my work from home attire during quarantine, I’ve been turning to a good old fashioned sports bra and leggings combo. Nothing fancy. And I haven’t really had many Zoom calls so my “office” attire has been pretty basic AF.

Let’s be real, that probably won’t change much. But, for those of you that have what seems like never-ending video conference calls or you’re just looking to give your leggings a break, these comfy and cute outfit combos are for you!

the work from home outfit staples

When you want to wear sweatpants…

when you want to wear jeans

when you want to wear a jumpsuit

when you want to wear leggings

when you want to wear shorts