Winter Wellness Toolkit

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The temps have officially dropped in Atlanta. Like, it’s COLD. And let’s be real, when it comes to winter – I’m all about taking care of yourself and shifting gears to focus on wellness.

Wellness is about so much more than what you eat and how you move your body. For me, especially as we head into the winter months, I like to focus on the self care side of things. 

That includes taking care of my body from the inside out. Today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items from my winter wellness toolkit – let’s dive in.

OXY Acne Solutions

I’ve been loving my new skincare routine, including the New! OXY®Advanced Care™Maximum Strength Acne Cleanser with Prebiotics and the New! OXY®Advanced Care™Maximum Strength Rapid Spot Treatment with Prebiotics. When the seasons change, so does my skin and both of these have been in rotation. The soothing cream acne cleanser with maximum-Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream acne cleanser quickly eliminates pimples and blackheads and helps prevent future breakouts. The spot treatment lotion with maximum-Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to treats and helps prevent pimples, allowing the skin to heal. Bonus – it’s dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to visibly reduce redness in just 4 hours and eliminate 99.9% of acne bacteria in just 8 hours.

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HerpecinL Everyday Protection

HerpecinL Everyday Protection can be used daily to protect against future cold sore flare ups caused by cold weather and UV exposure – which, let’s be real is crucial come winter months. It can also be used at the first sign of a cold sore episode. I love that this product relieves cold sores without numbing or drying and locks in moisture to prevent painful cracking. Works on chapped lips too.

NEW HerpecinL Pain Relief –Triple Action with Lidocaine

This powerful triple action treatment with lidocaine numbs cold sore pain & itch, protects against infection, and helps to prevent cracking. The maximum strength triple action spot treatment works right at the source for fast relief. You can use when you have an active cold sore or fever blister – and it goes on clear and works instantly to take the sore out of cold sore.

FlexitolDry Skin Cream

Flexitol’s Very Dry Skin Cream was created especially for those suffering from severely dry, cracked, itchy, scaly, and chapped skin. Does anyone else seriously experience this when it comes to winter? Very Dry Skin Cream works fast with visible results in one day. It’s rich, non-greasy (the best part) and more than just your average body lotion. It contains 12.5% urea plus dimethicone (a skin protectant) for optimal hydration, and is also enriched with aloe, Vitamin E, shea butter, lanolin, glycerin, and allantonin.

Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash

Self care is for all parts of your bod. As the weather begins to get cooler, we begin switching our wardrobe, refreshing our hair and nail color, and preparing for the season ahead. This year, switch up your wellness routine as well –starting in your bathroom! Gently cleanse and refresh with Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash (a staple for all women). The dermatologist and gynecologist tested formula is designed for the external vaginal are and is safe to use every day while showering or bathing to give you an extra fresh clean feeling.

Tree Hut Sugar Plum Berries Shea Sugar Scrub

I have always been a fan of a good sugar scrub, especially when the temps drop and the skin starts to dry out. The intense exfoliation of this sugar scrub reveals soft, glowing skin. Bonus? The festive scent of Sugar Plum Berries screams holiday cheer, made with Sugar, Shea Butter, and an array of natural oils like Evening Primrose, Avocado, Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Safflower, and Orange Oils.

The Witchy Homestead by Nikki Van de Car (from Running Press)

This has been such a fun book to read when I’m having cozy, lazy weekends at home. The Witchy Homestead is your guide to finding, creating, and living this essential magic —it is a comforting companion as you build a wellspring of magical self-sufficiency and a seasoned teacher as you cultivate enchanted resilience. The book pairs mystical wellness with increasingly popular topics surrounding homesteading, personal resilience, and relying on yourself and the land. Mindfulness at home is key!