winter in florida

Target Fedora | ZARA Tee | Forever 21 Camo Jeans | Target Sandals | Tiffany & Co. Necklace | ZARA Bag (almost identical)
If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you probably know by now that G and I spent the weekend in Florida. Sunny, gorgeous and amazingly warm Florida. In typical Lauren fashion, I over packed. This usually is a great thing – several outfits to choose form, no stress, etc. Well, this time I was wrong. Because I am so used to donning layers and cool-weather pieces into my wardrobe, I was definitely unprepared for the perfect weather Florida had to offer (as seen in today’s post.) For a mid-afternoon football game, I picked the lightest pieces I had in my suitcase and I was still totally off base. I had to remove the fedora before we even got out of the car and the sleeves were rolled up as high as they could go. I’ll take this as a lesson learned – always check the weather. 


  1. 12.9.13

    Love the military pants! Yes, Florida is not very wintery… sometimes its good, sometimes it sucks 🙂
    Belen new post! 🙂

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