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If you’re a regular FL reader, you have probably noticed that I have been super M.I.A the past couple of weeks. With a super hectic start to the year, big projects at work and the dire need of a blog breather, I have to apologize for the minimal and sometime lack of posts.
During my time off, I had the chance to rethink and refocus what I want Fashionably Lo to be. I stared this blog thing about a year ago with the hopes of featuring some cute outfits at budget friendly price points. Well, as with any other small turned big project, I’ve realized that not only do I want to do more but I also want to freshen things up a bit as I continue to build the FL brand. 
So what does this mean exactly? Keep reading for a sneak peek into what the rest of 2014 holds for Fashionably Lo and we;ll be back to our regular scheduled programming tomorrow!
Outfit Posts
Don’t worry – these aren’t going anywhere. As I stated above, the main goal of FL is to share budget conscious and affordable style tips through the ever-so-loved outfit posts. My goal for this year is to make these a little more streamlined, more often and even better, I want to take more fashion risks. The majority of my looks are for the office so I am excited to take on the challenge of incorporating my favorite trends into my everyday look. 
Fashionably Lo at Home
Now that G and I are settled into our new place, I’ve become slightly more obsessed with home decor and hosting. Heck, I even created my very own Martha Stewart inspired Pinterest Board. So, stay tuned for a look into our new digs, my hilarious attempts at dinner parties and much more 🙂
Style Guides & Such
I did a pretty good job at this when I first started out but have somehow ventured away from style guides. Whether is a Trends Under $30 post, shop the look or just a few items that I’m craving at the moment, I want to start these back up again at least once a week. I think it’s important for FL readers to not just see what I’m wearing but to also have resources for finding other budget friendly items to build up their own wardrobes. 
And More…
I always want to do more partnerships with great brands and even more fab bloggers so stay tuned for some fun collabs coming your way this year.
While I enjoyed my little time off, I couldn’t be more excited to jump back in and take FL to new levels. Thanks for following!


  1. 1.21.14

    It’s always good to take a breather and rethink where you want your blog/brand to go. I like this direction!! Can’t wait to see more!


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