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As I geared up for last week’s trip to Savannah (more pics coming soon!), I immediately dreaded the fact that beach-ready shaving was about to commence. I mean let’s be honest, no girl loves shaving so I wasn’t really looking forward to prepping for the bikinis and shorts packed away in my duffel. I also wasn’t looking forward to packing away a razor for my mini vaca – we all need more room for lipstick, right? Well, lucky for me, Veet® has the solution to our woes – Ready-to-Use wax strips that keep you smooth and carefree for up to 28 days (!!!) Yep, you read that right.

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I love LOVED the Veet® Ready-to-Use Wax Strips for Bikini, Underarms & Face. I mean, literally the perfect beach vaca and bikini bod go-to. I tested out the mini strips 2 days before we left for Savannah and I kid you not, everything is still smooth. #hallelujah I spent the entire trip either by the pool, lounging at the beach or in a bevvy of shorts + minis so not having to worry about whether or not that ‘situation’ was taken care of was a true blessing.

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Take this amaze striped combo – we hit the pool the moment we arrived in Savannah so I was (very) happy that all I had to do was slip on my gear and head out to the roof with a daiquiri in hand. I can’t wait to take on the rest of summer with long-lasting smooth skin and am already planning on stocking up on Veet Wax strips for the many trips and fun things to come!

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 Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long.
There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings. https://www.facebook.com/veet


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  1. 6.30.14
    Jessica said:

    So stinkin cute! Love these pics. Can’t wait to see the rest of your Savannah photos.

    xo Jessica

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