Photo Diary: Tropical Rehearsal Dinner & Welcome Party

We had what had to be the best kickoff to any wedding weekend…ever. I know I’m biased but it was a good night. My mother in law and new sisters threw us the most incredible rehearsal dinner and welcome party the night before the big day and it was hands down one of the best nights of our life (the wedding of course takes the number one spot – more to come on those details later).

We were not allowed to be involved in any part of the planning which actually made the night even more special. We picked out the venue but other than that, Brandon’s mom took over and worked with his sisters to plan every single magical detail. The vibe was so “us”, I couldn’t believe it. It was tropical and fun and modern. It was a true celebration of love from the moment we walked in the door.

The Details

Venue: Tropicale’ – Atlanta GA

Dinner: family-style Italian

Photographer: Jorge Sandoval

Special touches: watermelon margaritas served in a watermelon • photo backdrop with a neon mr. & mrs. sign • surprise Cuban-style dancers • cigars passed out for guests

Rehearsal Dinner Photo Diary

Welcome Party Photo Diary

My Outfit Details