Tips From a Wedding Brand Designer

I’ve talked a little bit about my obsession with our Save the Dates. I mean, they were really good. We’re working with Casey from Texture & Tequila on the invitations now and I cannot wait to send them out! The whole process got me thinking a lot about how crucial Casey’s role has been with not only our wedding stationery but with setting the overall vision and cohesiveness of different elements of our wedding design. We used the moodboard, fonts, and colors Casey put together last summer to inspire a lot of the design elements and features for the big day (don’t even get me started on my excitement for what Courtney is putting together!!!!!). 

All of that brings me to this: I cannot stress it enough – you need a bomb wedding brand designer in your life. Yes, that’s a thing and if you’re not sure where to start, hit up Casey from Texture & Tequila and keep reading from some major tips straight from the source! 

Tips from a Wedding Brand Designer

What is a wedding brand designer and why hire one?

You hire an electrician to do electric work. A plumber to do plumbing. And a contractor to knock down that load-bearing wall that is completely blocking your view.

So why not higher a designer to design your wedding? 

Wedding brand designers (like us!) help set the tone for your wedding. That pinterest board you’ve been gathering for a while? We want to see it, talk to you about it and then make it a reality.

But first things first. Your wedding stationery.

*All stationery above by Texture & Tequila

Why is your wedding stationery important?

Your wedding stationery sets the vibe. From the moment your guests receive their save the dates, it says something about who you are as a couple and what your event is going to be like. Traditional, modern, party-esque (hello 1920’s art deco) or rustic. It helps your guests formulate expectations and start to plan what they’re going to wear – because we don’t want that girlfriend of your best friend showing up in a hot pink dress if you’re going for a timeless and modern vibe.

Then comes your invitation suite, the 2nd step in carrying through the theme of your event. Even the wording at this stage is important when setting the tone. Out of the ordinary shapes, sizes and language all play an integral role.

And that experience continues on into what and how we create the designs for your day of.

What goes into designing your wedding stationery and brand?

Short answer: A lot!

TLDR answer: 

A wedding brand designer will ensure each step of the design process is as stress free as possible. But what does that process entail?

At T&T, we not only design, we source, assemble and mail all of your stationery. And if you forgot someone? We’ll keep sending as long as you keep giving us addresses. 

We start with a coffee date (virtual or in-person) to talk all things wedding. What you like, dislike. The things you’re drawn to, places you’d love to visit. Etc.

Then we start mood boarding based off of what we had discussed. We search texture, fonts, interiors, colors – combining them all which will begin to inform the pieces we need to create.

Then comes the design and production of your save the dates and invitation suite. And once those are in the hands of your guests, we start planning your day of designs. This is where all of that mood boarding and decision making in the upfront comes into play.

We’ll start to conceptualize your seating chart display (mini bottles of tequila? Acrylic wall installations? Engraved Vegas hotel keychains?), menus and their placement, welcome sign, table numbers, neon sign and any other design display we come up with!

What is the cost?

Money. Everyone’s least favorite subject. And if it isn’t, then you’re lying. “Dishonor to you. Dishonor to your cow.” Okay…we got a little carried away there.

But what is the cost of hiring a wedding brand designer? 

First thing to know is that hiring a wedding brand designer or a custom wedding stationer is an investment. It’s for those who understand and appreciate cohesive design and that it’s more than just a piece of paper.

Each event’s cost is different because each couple’s wants and needs are different. It comes down to quantity and materials, without ever sacrificing quality.

As a general rule, we advise couples to expect to invest $6-7K on a full wedding branding experience. And for all that we talked about, it’s an expense well worth spending on making sure you and your guests have an unforgettable experience.

FACT: Wedding stationery is more than just paper.

A piece of paper isn’t going to make your IG wedding dreams come true. We’re with you on that. It’s the combination of it all. So hire that wedding brand designer and let them make your vision come to life.