Three Ingredient Green Juice

Now that we are officially done with #Whole30, I’ve been trying my hardest to still incorporate some of the healthier habits in my daily routine. Although they didn’t totally promote juicing your fruits & veggies, I tried to start most mornings with a blend of some of my favorite greens + things to give my breakfast or early a.m. workout a boost. And that hasn’t changed. 

One of the things I hate most about juicing is the cleanup and the prep. So basically everything but the finished product. But during my journey to finding the yummiest fruit + veggie combos, I came across this epic trio that not only tastes really really good but is made up of THREE ingredients and cleans up pretty easily. Check out the recipe below and leave a comment on the post if you have any yummy juice recipes to share! 


1 cucumber 

2 apples 

Ginger ( I like my juice pretty spicy so use at your own discretion)


Chop up all of the ingredients and start feeding into your juicer. (I try to use them as soon as I take them out of the refrigerator so they’re chilled)  I usually start with the cucumber first followed by the apple and then top it off with ginger. Sip and enjoy! 

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photos by Jnelly Photography


  1. 2.8.17
    Sophie said:

    I want to try this juice.

  2. 2.8.17

    I am a HUGE lover of juices/juicing!!! Although my juicer is in storage, I try to hit Kale Me Krazy every other day for 3 juices.

  3. 2.8.17

    I love juices so I absolutely need to give this try. Most have so many ingredients so I love how simple this one is. Thanks for sharing gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

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